I have a confession.
I never pack a lunch. As in, I packed a lunch yesterday and three of my coworkers made a comment about how proud they were. That included being applauded and I may have taken a bow.

There are five different restaurant/cafe options three floors below me, so I typically grab a cup of soup or a sub from Quiznos and call it a day. This also forces me out of my chair and gets my legs moving, if only for a few minutes.
Yes, that is also an excuse for not packing a lunch! I'm admitting this so you can so graciously help me solve my problem.

It shouldn't be that difficult to pack something!  Just getting in a routine of cooking a bigger dinner for leftovers, or making a lunch each morning will make a big difference.
Theme: I need to cook more meals at home.
Solution: Cook more meals at home.

If you've been around for a while, you may be realizing that this is a trend. I go through spurts where I cook almost daily, then not for a week. It completely depends on the week's schedule! For example, if Kyle is on nights, I typically won't make a big meal at home. I'll succumb to a smoothie for dinner or a bowl of cereal. (I tend to eat more like a bachelor when the hubs is gone!)

Although I do enjoy making dinners, my repertoire of go-to lunches is slim to none. It includes a humus veggie wrap, turkey sandwich or a variety of fresh veggies with almonds and string cheese. I'm not embarrassed by my love of string cheese. It's organic so I think it's okay ;)

I found this on Pinterest and immediately thought, "where has my creativity gone?!"  I'm totally jealous of all of these options.

This lunch brain fart of mine has gone on for far too long. Not only is it expensive, I'm also digesting more sodium than I should and allowing sysco foods into my diet far too often.

Do you have any favorite to-go lunch recipes, or do you rely on left overs? Do you put them together at night or in the morning?
Share with me your infinite wisdom, friends!

On another note -
We are renting our home in Charlottesville! Our current tenants are buying a house, so we are on the search for new tenants- preferably not undergraduates  :) If you know anyone that is moving to C'ville or currently is looking for a new home, feel free to forward them the Craigslist ad :) (Found here)


  1. I do veggie steamers a LOT for lunch. There's a Tuscan broccoli one that is really yummy :) I buy whatever brand is on sale that week at Meijer. Then I have that usually with some piece of fruit or berries & also a "snack" like string cheese, little bag of white cheddar popcorn (LOVE that stuff!), crackers, hummus & carrots, or yogurt. Sometimes I bring a pb&j sandwich if there's no steamers on sale that week... or leftovers if we've had something really good that there's not enough for another dinner, but enough for lunch. I bring lunch to work at least 4 days a week :)

  2. I do leftovers mostly. Today is chicken with red beans and rice. As in threw chicken tenders in the oven with some seasoning and a bag of red beans and rice mix. Ate it for dinner, packed up a bowl of it, reheated at work. Also love doing crock pot beef stew for leftover purposes. Otherwise go to is a peanut butter sandwich with fruit and veggie fry chips... had that one a lot a few weeks ago. Good luck on your lunch packing! It really saves a TON of money!

  3. Preaching to the choir, I go in starts and fits like that too. Sometimes for months. I know I used to cook but all of a sudden I can't remember what I used to cook. I have found that following someone else's meal plans is a good way to get started. Because thinking of what to cook and then having to cook it often is to much to get started so I let someone else pick the food and then I just cook it. And then when I get warmed up to that I can start thinking creatively again. Lots of people post their food plans online. Find one you like and get cooking.


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