I'm here!
Alive & well. I slipped into a chaotic life last week, and I'm proud to report I came out on the other side; despite the nerves and slight stomach aches that my job responsibilities conjured up. I spent Friday evening in PJ's by 7 pm, eating popcorn and watching a movie with some girlfriends. It's exactly what my mind and body needed = rest. To say it was marvelous would be an understatement.
After just one long, crazy week, I must say I have a whole new appreciation for Kyle's work schedule. It's really no wonder he prefers watching television over folding laundry. My sympathy and appreciation levels have rose exponentially for someone who works 80 hour weeks constantly. It's exhausting.

Amidst a busy week, we've been plowing away at the garden and our landscaping. We're on a role!
I got a lesson on how to use the new mower (so.much.fun & I'm not being sarcastic), we cleaned out the last remaining old base boards from the garage and had a picture perfect bonfire, got a reality check on how much stores charge for something as simple as a tomato plant and put a lot of sweat into preparing the garden for crops (much more on our garden progress to come).

All of our grandparents garden. They love it, and we love the conversations with them about it. They give us all of their tried and true advice about everything from spacing plants to tending the soil to what kinds of squash & potatoes will go best. We will both be severly disappointed if our garden doesn't take off like wild fire. I'm expecting massive blackberries here people.

Although our outdoor adventures have kept us at home, we did take a quick road trip down to Indianapolis this weekend to see my sister-in-law graduate from her Master's program. We're so incredibly proud of her, she's certainly found her niche & there is no doubt that the OT profession will continue to grow because of her passion to care for and help others. *she's all grown up = tear*!

Last, but certainly not least: Happy Mother's Day!!

My siblings and I (and even those that aren't biological but consider her a "mom") have really been blessed. My mom was born to be a momma. The way I see her love her grand baby gives me just a glimpse of the way she doted/dotes over her own. Pure love.

I'd also be remiss to not mention my mother-in-law as we celebrate Mother's Day. Both Kyle and I are so grateful for both of these women. They've supported us, encouraged us and challenged us. It sounds like a broken record to always say "I'm so thankful!!," but truly- I am.

I love you both dearly!

Oh, and yes... to all of my 17 friends who are pregnant (and counting), and countless family & friends whose jobs are to change dirty diapers and play with puzzles all day- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I hope you felt loved and appreciated, for your job is invaluable. I admire each of you.


  1. So excited for your garden. That is priority #1 as soon as we get in the house. I'm determined to grow some tomatoes....even if it is a bit late in the season... three cheers for relaxing!

  2. I am with Hillary on th garden! We just found a house to rent and I am already planning ours! I currently work for a landscaping company, so I working on getting the guys to design me one before we leave.

    1. You're house is so cute, it's definitely calling for a little garden to tend ;) Definitely utilize your resources now lol


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