Yesterday, I talked about how I am taking a break from running.
I can't continue without a huge thank you to everyone for the encouraging comments, you really did just that - encouraged me, and I appreciate it immensely. Just imagine you getting a big, HUGE hug right now.

So, since I'm not running distance anytime soon, I really do need to compensate for it. Depending on the season, how busy life is or simply what mood I'm in, I typically do other forms of exercise too. Those forms are now taking center stage as running takes the back seat. You may be asking why it's so important that I keep exercising. For that, I'm happy to answer.

1) It makes me feel good; mentally and physically
2) I feel stronger: mentally and physically
3) It keeps my heart healthy
4) To be perfectly honest and not-so-politically-correct, I don't want to get fat. And I find that to be a legitimate reason.
5) A good excuse to spend time with friends
6) I like being challenged
7) Having a husband who works with sick people all day long & hearing the heartbreaking stories, there is something in me that wants to say I have done everything in my control to take good care of myself.
8) I just like being active, it's fun!

With that in mind, I'm actually looking forward to different forms of exercise to keep me active.


Circuit Training

Lately, you can find me rolling up the rug in our sunroom and using it as a mini-workout studio. I love doing circuit training, so any work-out video I do has to have high and low intensity built into it. (This is probably why it's difficult for me to take the time to do yoga) That's why I lurrrve Jillian, Chalene and Bob. Yes, I refer to them on a first name basis, since these days we spend a lot of time together. Allow me to introduce you:

Jillian, Ms. Jillian Michaels. I adore her. She kicks my butt in the best way possible. I love feeling sore the next day in muscles I never knew I had. My favorite videos are "Ripped in 30" and "30 Day Shred." I've heard she has some new ones that are great too! Since both dvds include 3- 20 minute workouts, sometimes I do two workouts back to back for a solid and intense 40 minute regiment. (At least I used to, I may be working back up to that again!)

Then comes Chalene Johnson of TurboJam & TurboFire. At first, I found it hard to take her seriously (It can be as corny as the picture on the front of the DVD above). She makes you dance, aka "shake it," during some of the workouts and I would be lying if I said I didn't look over my shoulder and think, "goodness I hope no one sees this!" Now, I crave the kickboxing workouts and high intensity. The dancing breaks it up a bit and gives it a more casual, do-anything feel rather than a strict regiment. It's designed around workouts being fun, and it really is...even when you have to shake your booty.

Then comes Bob Harper. Pure Strength is the one video I do the most of out of all of his, and no matter what, I'm ALWAYS sore. It's a solid 65 minutes of intense strength training, where you heart rate is fluctuating and sometimes you want to quit with exhaustion. It's a great mix of "oh I can do that!" and "oh my gosh I may die."


Ever since the weather decided to shape up and become warm, I've wanted to jump on my bike. I think the fact that I say "I'm going for a bike ride" defines me as a novice. Thankfully, we live just a mile away from a lot of back roads, with many hills and little traffic. The hills make it continually challenging and force my heart rate up and back down, while the back roads alone just make it peaceful and fun!
Ann Arbor has a huge cycling community (as did Charlottesville), so I'm used to waving and saying hello when they pass me while I'm running....that hasn't changed much while I'm biking :)
We would cheer on our close friend every year in bike races around C'ville, and I always thought "how are they doing that?!"

I think what I'm missing now is the spandex. Dress for the part, right?!


Did you know there is Olympic Speed Waking?! It's true. This is actually an intense sport.
The trick is to try and push yourself to get your heart rate up, rather than just lollygagging around. I'm naturally (and annoyingly) a very fast walker, but going faster (with arms swings and all) can be tough (and again, a bit embarrassing swinging those hips and arms!!) Some experts argue that power/speed walking is a better all-around workout than running, if done correctly.
It's also a great excuse to just be outside, give the Maizy pup some exercise, and catch up with friends. AND your risk of injury is severely reduced compared to running. Can't complain about that!

There are plenty of other exercises that I'd love to try! Some have suggested spinning, which I've done once and really loved! Another, swimming. Both I will need to find a gym that has both a pool and classes. I would like to do that in the Fall/Winter so I can avoid not exercising inside all of the time.
Once I find a one-piece and jump in the deep end, I'll be sure to let you know :)


  1. good ideas! I love walking and actually get kind of upset when people (my marathon running husband) tell me it's not real exercise- it can be!

    1. hehe Sarah, read the comment below and share with your hubby ;)

  2. I need to break out my workout dvd's... I have some cheesy ones:-) During my first half marathon I was passed by a speed walker.... that's the honest truth. They are no joke fast walkers. Obviously faster than my slow jog!

    1. Seriously, they are no joke! You'd think it would be difficult to walk that fast and not start to run though?!

  3. Meredith, so sorry to hear you had to break up with running. I know the decision was a hard one. But, way to go for listening to your body. Sounds liked you have some awesome cross training workouts to do tough! I am a huge fan of Jilliam. She gets on my nerves, but I agree she gives a great workout. If you have an iPhone, there is an awesome app called Sworkit. You can customize workouts based on time and muscle groups. I love it for my core workouts.

  4. Some people, in online surveys discuss pump, power, and intensity. I say, with this, I have experienced every last bit of them and afterward some more.

  5. Not only does this supplement fuel my work outs, it fuels my day as well, at that 3 pm sleepy time, I can have just a coffee and be alert for the rest of the evening.


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