I've talked a bit about our outdoor plans, waiting for Spring to arrive so that we can start them! For the past month, I've checked the weather forecast each day, clinging to any glimmer of hope that the sunshine would grace us soon!
Well lookie lookie, Spring has finally decided to make an appearance! It's about darn time.

This past weekend I was feeling extra motivated by the nice weather, and kept pushing off cleaning the house inside. Instead, I just started pulling weeds and plants as an excuse to stay outside as long as possible. Of course, this is when our neighbor decided to come introduce herself (She's lovely, so are her children), but I was covered in sweat and mud. Glamorous introduction as you can imagine.

Our entire front now looks bare as can be:

and SOO much better than before!!

Remember this? Full of cabbage plants, small rocks and a lot of nameless green plants that had a strange smell.

Why is it so satisfying to pull weeds and clean up plant beds? Maybe the instant gratification!
This was the chore I ALWAYS complained about growing up. Now I can't wait to get my hands dirty every in our own yard!
At this point, the entire bed along the side of our garage/front of our house is empty, just ready for some plant love. And that round bed in the front yard, TOAST!
Along with any strength in my forearms.

This thing was a total disaster!

I'm not a plant expert, so although these blue flowers may be "cute," they really are the death of me. The roots were so deep and hearty! Part of me thinks all of that hard work was for nothing. I'm sure there are still some of those roots just lingering, just waiting to come out and tease me.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

I felt guilty tearing up the only flowers that currently exist in this mess, so I left them...even though they grow like wildfire around our entire property line!

My mom gave us some lilies to plant, but until we decide where, they now have a temporary home in the plant bed (which will eventually be moved too!)

We also aren't sure what kind of tree is in the middle of this bed. Any plant experts out there want to take a stab based on the buds coming up?

We're making progress over here. One more afternoon and this thing will be CLEARED OUT, then you'll find me doing the happy dance all over our freshly mowed yard. (Oh yes, hubby got a rider lawnmower last week and has been having the time of his life! As our neighbor told me yesterday, "your husband is a total dude!" Good assessment sir.)

I have some plans to conquer some gardening and more landscaping this weekend. The nice weather has created this whole new motivation in me! Any excuse to be outside after the long, drawn out winter. (And an even better excuse to get a good mani/pedi after playing in the dirt :)

Have you started any outdoor projects yet?!


  1. It is grape hyacinth!

  2. I get inspired to garden as soon as the weather turns warm, for about a day or two! But I do love flowers. The warm weather all makes for good meeting neighbor weather:-)

  3. Oh! I love working outside! I can't wait to see your finished product.


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