Have you ever checked what keywords or phrases lead people to your blog? It's hilarious. If you've never done this, I highly encourage it for some Friday entertainment to get you to the weekend.
It makes one wonder "what made someone google that?!" and furthermore, "how did this blog come up?!!" This internet thing is a scary place!

After randomly checking these every few weeks, here's my top 10 list of randoms: (minus any of the rare inappropriate ones that make me question google search ability and that I don't want to put on my blog in case some other wierdo searches the same thing!)

1) "Fighting with her steelhead"
2) "I work from home and have become a hermit"
3) "Sad woman wearing winter blue"
4) "river monsters tarpon awesome"
5) "playing with the wife in the kitchen"
6)  "baby blue eyes"
7) "converting a closet into hookers"
8) "green painted kitchen cabinets"
9) "Is Michigan really a mitten shape?"
10) "foot problems why?"

Are there any random searches that bring up your blog? I need to be careful with what words I use on here, I wouldn't exactly say I'm flattered by "sad woman wearing blue." :(

Happy Weekending, Friends!


  1. I totally understand you. The number one search that brings people to my blog? "What's inside a boob"...so...there's that....

  2. Ok, I just looked through mine for the past month & I don't have anything nearly as interesting as yours. Mine are all pretty relevant to stuff on my blog. Booo... I was hoping to find some fun ones!

  3. That's AWESOME. Grumpy cat searches usually end up in my blog. Also "doing it in lab coats". Hmmm


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