So, I let the ball drop. Huge crash. So many projects to share, so little time. Tis' the life.

I was all energized to re-paint our cabinets and then never shared the events that followed!
I know you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats for the past month just waiting to see the finished product ;), but I'll let you in on a little secret - they aren't finished.
Seriously, DIY can be such an agonizing process. Fun, but torturous. Rewarding, but challenging.

When I last left off, our kitchen looked liked this:
We had painted the cabinets, installed new light fixtures, opened up a wall, installed an island, installed a backsplash and got new countertops, oh, and new flooring! (Whew!)

At that point, we were picking out appliances and hardware for the cabinets.
Then, we had to fix up some of the cabinets, which turned into making a decision to completely redo them- AGAIN. (You can read more about that here). Does your head hurt yet? Mine sure did at this point.

And that is where we left off.

Today, our kitchen looks like this:

New appliances. CHECK.
Hood installed. CHECK.
Backsplash finished. CHECK.
Outlet covers. CHECK.

It looks bigger, brighter, and crisp! OH! SO CRISP & SO CLEAN! I love that part of it!
I also love our backsplash more than I did before. When the cabinets were dark, I felt like the backsplash was just "blah," but now the texture and colors stands out more against the cabinets.

However, there a few things that disappointed us, which is where the "unfinished" piece comes in. What would DIY be without the hiccups?

First, when we pictured the new color, we pictured more green than blue. Something like this:

You may or may not be able to see the difference in color. Funny thing is, when we picked our final color, Kyle specifically said that he thought we should add some green to it. DANGIT he was SO right. Certain times of day it can be difficult to tell based on the light coming through all of the windows. See how they have more a blue hue here:

Secondly, there are a few spots that have chipped. They are minute, so most people would never notice, but since I've put a lot of sweat into these bad boys, I notice. Kyle does too ;/ We're anal.

So, what is our solution? Thankfully, there's always a solution!

BUT, right now, we decided to wait it out. We want to see how the paint endures with time, as we still need to poly them - if it is only a few spots that have gotten scratched or in time if all of the paint will begin to peel off (PLEASEGODNO!). Good news is that it has been two months and we haven't had any issues other than the small chips from when we installed the doors.
Other options would include stripping them down 100% (AGAIN, PLEASEGODNO!), or using a glaze to seal them. The glaze would also be a 2 in 1; a seal and color which would bring us closer to what we had originally envisioned. At this point, it's preference, time, energy and patience. We'll see what wins out of those four.

I should say, I'm not 100% disappointed. Not even 50%. We both love how fresh it looks in our kitchen, especially with the new appliances!

Isn't it hard to think that we've gone from here:

To here:

And finally here!

By the way, I've been writing this post while sitting outside on the back porch.


  1. Looks great Meredith!!! I can't wait to get into our house and start doing small projects :) I like the idea of the tinted glaze to get more green into your cabinets. But it does look amazing. Good job. Can't wait to see more projects!

  2. I think the blue looks unique and very fresh. I am a fan of the contrasting colors (your second picture) but I love what you've done with them!

  3. I have only painted cabinets once and swore I would never do them again. I can't believe you did it twice in the same year! But, I have to say they look amazing. The dark cabinets looked great, but you are right this is a fresh color and it really makes the room bright. Love your style:-)

  4. Oh. Question. What do you think about the french door/bottom freezer fridge now that you've used it some? I'm really hoping to get one of those but my Kyle really wants a side by side. Unfortunately I think he is going to get what he wants after looking at the upcharge to get a french door one in counter-depth ("our" kitchen has a cabinet for the fridge so a normal size would stick out a TON).

    1. Eee! So exciting you guys are thinking about all of this for your new house :) We LOVEEE the French Door. Things are so much more accessible and we've found less likely to go bad before we eat them - since everything is so easy to easy & find. I wanted a side-by-side at first too, but I'm so glad I was convinced differently.
      Counter-depth is so much more expensive. If we had gotten counter-depth, we probably would have gone with a side by side too, considering how much the up-charge was.
      You should ask Lowes or Home Depot if some of the models are going to be updated soon, you can get a discount on the current model & that may help offset the cost of a counter depth.

    2. I would probably normally ignore the counter-depth issue except that my dad builds cabinets for a living and I think I would give him a stroke. UGGH. Why can't I just be blissfully unaware of such problems??

  5. They totally look green to me! Love the color!


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