Although I was adamant that I would not watch "Married To Medicine",  I was laying in bed last night waiting for Kyle to get home from a late shift, and low and behold, channel 52 . From all of the other blogs I've read, I must admit that I already had my mind made up. It went something along the lines of it being fake, scripted, and playing on stereotypes. Obviously, I wasn't thrilled.
Of course, I had an internal battle with whether to keep flipping through the channels or to stay put and see how this so called doctor wife life plays out.

Conclusion: Train Wreck.
Complete and utter train wreck.

We "know" it's not real,  yet we watch it, get sucked in and by the end we are convinced that it MUST be real. Mind games I tell you! The problem with this show is with all of the policies on the table in Washington and the broad stereotypes of doctors today, it proves to be more dangerous than entertaining.

Before getting serious, let's talk about the semi- entertaining part for a quick minute: (Yeah, I can't give it enough credit to be fully entertaining.)

1) Some of the husbands are ER docs. Translation = shift work. Which is great for them (there was a time I tried to convince Kyle to do ER just for the schedule!), but they need not complain about their lonng, horribleeee hours.

2) Just like Jane mentioned, all the houses are new and don't even looked lived in. Did they buy them for the show? Maybe their payday from Bravo is helping them live this lavious life that they claim their husbands careers support. Can we talk about the meeting in the architecture office & the look on the consultants face? Priceless. If I ever act like that, someone slap me in the face. Hard.

3) The comment "she is new to the doctor wives club, so she really needs to make sure to attend our charity events."  There's a club?

4) It would make me nervous flashing money, your house and overkill lifestyle all over the screen when your husband is a doctor who can easily get sued. As naive of a person as I am, I know that there are people out there just waiting for their payday from suing a doctor. I wonder if they thought about this? (Furthermore, did they have to get clearance from the hospital?!)

5) The quote "I didn't 'marry medicine.' Medicine was lucky enough to find me." wwhhhhatttt?

Okay, back to the down and dirty:

The show seems to twist it to make the viewer think that the doctor earns oodles of cash and the woman spend their time putting together expensive parties and getting their nails done. However, some of the woman have thriving careers. Obviously, they are bringing in income to support their family, even though their husbands are physicians (I should mention that two of the women are doctors and their husbands are not). Whether by choice or necessity, maybe that should be celebrated a bit more! But, that wouldn't be as entertaining - would it?

In REALITY, the only thing this show is doing is perpetuating stereotypes that doctors are swimming in cash, live fanciful lives, have trophy wives, and spend afternoons at the country clubs. That doesn't even sound like a fun life! It sounds lame and boring, at least you could spend it on the beach that you arrived on with your private jet.

A few friends have sent this article on and I'd *highly* recommend reading it. 
If you want a very real glimpse of one doctors life, read on:

 "Dear Lawmakers, What it's like to be a doctor today."
(Psst.. I'd also suggest reading the comments section. Always good conversations starters ;)

My guess is that that life wouldn't get the viewership.


On a side note, because I can't simply slip away into the day and not say SOMETHING about the BIG game tonight! (I'm so predictable!) I'm sporting my blue and gold today, complete with a yellow ribbon draped in my hair.
Ann Arbor is going to closely resemble downtown Hotlanta tonight. It's gettin' wild up here in the Midwest. I can hardly wait to watch this game!! I'm squeamish just thinking about it! GO BLUE!!!!

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures:


  1. I can honestly say that not only was I disappointed in the show, I was offended as well. I am all about reality TV and am a sucker like everyone else but for a subject matter that hits close to home I really did feel upset and disgusted when I watched it. I am glad we all share the same feelings though that is for sure!

  2. I hadn't heard of this show - I totally believe you that it's a complete trainwreck, but I admit I'll probably get sucked into at least one episode if I happen to scroll past it... terrible reality TV has a way of doing that, especially when I'm curious about the subject like this. Those doctor wife stereotypes kill me though - I don't like that they're perpetuated, but I can imagine feeling a smug satisfaction watching and knowing that I live a fulfilled and happy and normal life and understand the reality of it all :)

    1. So true! It can be difficult to not feel a little bit smug knowing how life really is, and knowing that you can still be happy in that...nothing has to be exaggerated or made up!

  3. I'm refusing to watch this show. I know it will only make my blood boil and add to the ridiculous stereotypes people have with Doctor's and their wives. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, though!

  4. I'm with you on this show - utterly awful!!! Loved your specific points too!


    Ray Doc Wife

  5. I have yet to watch the Married to Medicine show. I am not a huge fan of reality TV and from things I have read... I think I might pass up on it. Thanks for sharing the article. It was a really good read... and the comments were interesting. It is always amazing the things people will say when they don't truly understand a situation.

  6. UUUUUGH that show! I still watched a rerun yesterday though, because like you said it's a train wreck and I couldn't look away. I wish they would show more specialists and not just ER docs- I guess they are the only ones with reliable hours who can tape the show though...I'm surprised they got an Ortho doc! His British wife makes my skin crawl.

  7. I love that article that you linked - it is right on, and such a different picture than the one that is being painted in the show Married To Medicine.

    You must have watched a different episode than the one I did, but I can imagine it is just more of the same. Smart people can see the show for what it is. I'm just not convinced there are enough smart people watching it. It's the people who will believe everything they see on tv that worry me.

    I can't imagine any situation in which I would allow my family to be featured in a reality tv show. I am convinced that these women would behave just as badly regardless of who /what they were married to. Somehow, this being married to medicine has really allowed them to create their own fantasy world of glass and mirrors. Eventually it will all come crumbling down. Can't wait to see the episode where one of them files bankruptcy. But, I won't actually see it - I will have to read about it.


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