We snuck away last week, and although we're now back to the grind, I'm still smiling at the time we got to spend together. We started a little tradition when we got married that we've tried to continue each year. Every April, it's vacation time. Just for us.
April was always a good time with the medical school schedule, but it's also our anniversary and Kyle's birthday (just three days apart) - great reasons to celebrate, right?
Thankfully, one of Kyle's vacations was during this exact week, so after mulling over where to go and what to do, all while trying to balance my work schedule, we decided to do a five day trip to the Keys. It ended up being the perfect amount of time to relax, have fun, sleep in, and have the "okay, I'm ready to go home now," refreshed, sorta feeling. 

Trips like this are much needed for us. We both always seem to be on the go for one reason or another, so being able to simply be together and have no schedule is quite foreign to us, and a much welcomed change of pace.
We booked a flight and a car rental, leaving five days to go wherever the wind took us.

We drove down Route 1, taking in the scenery, stopping at random points, and arriving in Key West already sunkissed. Although we loved the food, live music, sunsets and fresh pina coladas (okay, I loved the fresh coladas), it was little like we expected. After 6 pm it became every movie you'd ever seen about crazy spring breakers, only with grown ups. Not exactly our scene, but we loved the entertainment nonetheless. It reminded us of the day after we got engaged, we wandered onto a nudist beach and didn't realize it until we were in the midst of naked old men. Ironically, late night Key West wasn't too different.

The only thing we I hated about Key West was the fishing trip that turned into a disaster. AKA: Kyle's birthday present gone wrong. Way wrong.

No, it wasn't because we only caught a few fish. It was because I spent the entire time hurled over the side of the boat. The shots below were taken in-between throwing up. It took all my strength to just reel that barracuda in. It.was.miserable. I have post traumatic just talking about it.

To add insult to injury, I spent the next five hours flopped like a dead fish onto our hotel bed, passed out and drooling uncontrollably. The "less-drowsy" motion sickness medicine didn't live up to its name. Although Kyle found it necessary to document this lovely event, I'll spare you the picture.

After the first fail, we decided to try again and go snorkeling. Although I had to be pushed onto the boat, we were only in the flats (aka no deep waters). Thankfully, that turned out much better! (If any of you enjoy snorkeling, I must say, the snorkeling in Belize is 10x better - but this was still worth going!)
But of course, what would be an adventure on this trip without something going wrong? Birthday boy left his phone in his pocket and our "waterproof" camera got ruined. Needless to say, that little adventure turned out be an expensive one.

The victories? Food! The stuff my body is killing me for now.
Some friends recommended some great places to try, and they didn't disappoint. Even Bo's, which looked like it was going to fall in on itself at any second, had the best shrimp a girl could ask for.

At this point, you may be thinking that our trip was a disaster. But, a few hiccups weren't going to keep us from having a great vacation! All we could do it laugh about the mishaps and plan our next adventure.
I promise, it gets much better, and does not include stories of getting sick or breaking things.

I'll share the rest tomorrow, Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your pictures look so beautiful and relaxing. Don't feel bad, I also get sea sickness on the open water. Did you take Dramamine? That usually doesn't put me to sleep.

  2. And April is the perfect time to get out of the midwest cold that still wants to hold on during this month. Glad you got away, it looks like a great time.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! Sorry y'all had a few hiccups, but glad it didn't stop you from having a great trip. I think it is so important to get away every year for a breath of fresh air!

  4. Loving all of your pictures - great job! You look so happy and relaxed - and beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing! I need to put the Keys on my travel list!


    Ray Doc Wife


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