After Key West, we made our way back up the islands and decided to stay at Islamorada based on some friends suggestions. It is also deemed the "sport fishing capital of the world," so of course the hubby rallied for this location!

I had no objection, especially when the sunsets look like this:

And I got to enjoy them with this guy:

with live music and dancing to this guy:

Okay, I'll cut to the chase. The big reason we LOVED this island is the low-key nature. The restaurants sat on the water, so I could dig my toes into the sand while sipping a margarita, chatting with new friends and eating fresh fish.

Alright, that's not the whole truth: we also LOVED it because Kyle got to check one thing off of his bucket list. He caught a 150lb tarpon!! Anddd that is where this post turns from romantic to a lot of pictures of the catch :)
For his birthday, we chartered yet another boat (to make up for the first mishap), but this time just to go into the flats solely to catch a tarpon.

I had no idea they were so big, or such fighters! It took an hour to bring him in, so I spent the entire time with my camera glued to my face to document it all!

This fish got into a relatively predicable rhythm, so each time we thought it would jump, I stood ready to catch it (no pun intended).


They are catch and release fish, so we have no iconic photo of Kyle holding it up. Just kissing and petting it in the water, then saying goodbye has it swam off. Touching moment.

He hasn't stopped talking this fish. I don't *love* fishing, but it was so fun to watch the fish fight. They're so active and lively, it's exciting to just spot one in the distance and watch them jump through the water to catch their meals. Why I thought that I would be catching one too is beyond me, I have a whole new appreciation for this sport!

This sign is posted at the marina, I thought it to be pretty deep for fishing. This is serious business peeps.

Goodbye Islamorada, 
we liked you. a lot.

Oh, and just for kicks!
The night we got home, River Monsters was on with a new episode on what else, TARPONS!
You an guess who was glued to the television!


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