Anytime Kyle has a sliver of time off, he tries to find a way to go fishing. (Unless it's the Fall, then it becomes any way to go hunting.) He would travel the world just to fish and love every second of it. He's already made a good dent in that plan.

Last week was one of his vacation weeks, so inevitably, he spent some days on the water. The steelhead are currently spawning, so he headed up north to the Muskegon River. Have you ever eaten steelhead trout? They are delicious!!

I won't lie here - I usually drag my feet about fishing. This blog may make it look as if I'm right on board with going, miss.fisherwoman herself, buuuttttt that's not usually the case. I need to be convinced. Then, sometimes I just go to appease my husband and avoid a guilt trip. I assume it won't be fun unless we catch something. However, it always ends up being fun and then I hear the famous "I told you so!" comment...when will I learn?! Maybe I have been fighting my inner fisherwoman this whole time?!

 Remember our  successful salmon trip last fall?

Well, this time we made it our family funday, just Kyle, Maizy and I. Yes, Maizy joined us on the boat. Kyle and his dad took her the day before and claimed she loved it, so when she was at the door waiting to the leave in the early morning, we took that as sign that she wanted to join again.
THANK GOODNESS for her black coat and snugly personality, that sun made her a headed blanket for my frozen body the first two hours. Kyle graciously gave me his overalls and elmer fudd hat. Bringing sexy back, friends.

Two hours in and no bites. Thankfully, the day turned around by noon!

Catching steelhead is SO fun because they are fighters! There's so much strategy to landing one, so once the rod tips it's game on. The scenario goes like this:
Kyle jumps up and down, grabs the rod, hands it to me, grabs the camera, and calmly talks me through how to reel it in. It's one of his greatest joys in life to see his wife land a huge fish, it's on his top five of sexiest things ever. You think I'm joking.

I can't remember the last time we had no cell phone service, and the only noises were from the wilderness and wind. It was probably a year ago in Belize. There's a lot to be said for peace, quiet and quality time together....even if you're dressed in twenty layers and haven't showered.

After a calming day on the river, we spent the evening jumping up and down, pacing the living room and screaming like hooligans. It was well worth having no voice come Saturday morning. THEN we got to watch our team crush Florida on Easter. Way to make a good weekend a GREAT weekend, boys! (I should mention that watching Ware get injured still makes my stomach churn. Goodness that was horrible! Did you see it live? Painful is an understatement.)


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  1. Looks like a awesome time.. your or (maybe Kyle) should check out this post about women fishing.. some good and humorous advice.


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