I've run into a complete writers block. I counted my posts "in drafts" last night and I have a total of 30. Do I have a problem with commitment or simply can't get my thoughts together?
Probably both!
I know I'm the only one who puts pressure on myself to publish a certain amount of posts per week, connect with other bloggers and maintain readership. Completely made-up, unneeded pressure. Sort of silly, I know. This morning, I was determined to finish something for the blog. So, I sat down with a cup of joe, with one intention to write whatever came to mind and see where it took me. After paragraphs of rambling, there was a recurring theme that made me smirk: Balance. 
I went with it...

Just like everyone else, I find myself trying desperately to balance life. Now more than ever. Between work, running a photography business, everyday house work, church, keeping a strong marriage, writing a blog, manageing house projects and renovations and a budget, finding time to get groceries or let alone cook, working out, carving out time to see friends and family, and taking care of the Maizy pup (not in any order, of course)...this list may not end for a while so I'll stop there. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. In the midst of which I hate that I don't get to see my niece but every few weeks, or my elderly grandparents- both of which bring so much joy to life. If it's not one thing, it's always another. There's never a lack of things stealing my attention. And I hate that.

Can you relate? I have a strong inclination that I'm not the only one.

I don't, by any means, intend to come across as if I am complaining. I have very little, if anything, to really complain about. I'm intimately aware that my first-world problems pale in comparison to real problems of this world. I'm just babbling on because I can, as I attempt to break through the writer's block that has entangled my thoughts for the past few weeks.

Thank you for humoring me as I ramble. Sometimes it feels really good to do so.
I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on how you find balance in life. It seems like the never ending question.

I can say I have found one rule that keeps me grounded. It's something that Kyle and I try hard to stick to: relationships over to-do lists.
It may not be the "practical" option (and trust me, sometimes I just want to finish the overflowing laundry!), but there's no comparison to investing time with friends and family. This cute coffee date will win every time:


  1. Yes, balance is always something I fight with. I've recently discovered that I can't do everything every day. I can do some things, some days, and that is alright. Whether or not I intend to do it, I do schedule certain things as daily, every other day, weekly - if I wrote it down I would probably be more successful. I also have to give myself deadlines and time limits. I basically have to treat myself like one of my children if I am ever going to move on from the more enjoyable tasks to the less enjoyable ones. Good luck, you are not alone!

  2. Oh my gosh I so feel you on this one Mere! I feel like my life is one big never-ending to-do list & I very rarely get a chance to just sit down & relax. And if I DO get that chance, I feel guilty & like I should be doing something! When B is home he's constantly asking me to "just sit down!" But there is always so much to get done & if I don't do it, who will? Plus there's the push & pull of when the husband's not there, keeping really busy so as to not be bored, but then when he is there you're supposed to do a 180 & just "hang out" with them. Gah! yea, first-world-problems...

  3. Sometimes I think we just go through times where it feels like there is just too much on our plates, and you have to choose what is most important. I have a hard time accepting that sometimes there will just have to be dishes in the sink for a couple days. Let me know if you figure out how to balance everything. Right now, I have a month and a half off work, and I'm FINALLY feeling like I have time to do all the other "stuff"- go to the gym, clean my apartment, cook for my husband, etc. I don't think we can do it all.

  4. Balancing aspects of our lives I think will always be a challenge! Priorities change constantly and so do our needs and desires. But its such a good point because when you have a good balance for the right time in your life it makes all the difference.

  5. Ah, balance! I feel like my life is a bit out of kilter with my own laundry list of responsibilities, but writing grounds me. Friends and family are the best antidote - so always make time for them!

    Have a great week! Thinking of you!

    Ray Doc Wife


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