So, I've been having this pain. I was running a few weeks ago and twisted my ankle on the icey, muddy frozen tundra. Didn't think much of it at the time. Once in a while I'd feel pain in my ankle and especially in the bottom of my foot, but ignored it assumed it would go away after a few days.

When you happen to be married to a doctor, the natural thing to do is to go to them and have them examine the issue. Not only that, but then follow their instructions for healing. That would the logical thing to do.

My logic looks like this:
Pain = no running? Ignore.

I finally told Kyle I'd been having this throbbing pain in the bottom on my foot for about a week, and had him check it out (also hoping that would mean I'd get a foot massage- no such luck.)
The docs diagnoses: I have a stress fracture in my foot, which may have been triggered by twisting my ankle, or different work outs or transitioning too quickly back to my minimalist shoes. Either way, I don't care. I'm just devastated. That's not even the right word, I've been SO angry that I've continued to ignore the pain and go about my merry way. Until today.

The last three days of workouts have caught up with me and proven that I'm being a total idiot.

Although my body and Kyle are telling me the same thing, it is not what I wanted to hear. So, I decided to not only Google 'stress fractures' but did the ultimate no-no: webmd. 
That's right, I live with a doctor and somehow still found myself searching webmd hoping that a computer program would give me an explanation that says I can run. Instead, the symptoms checker told me I had a broken foot.

Sorry hubby, I promise not to cheat on you with webmd again.

Here's to spending the next few weeks on a stationary bike. I'm going to try and be really chipper about this, but friends, I am not happy.


  1. So sorry to hear about your stress fracture!! That is super frustrating (and painful), plus I know how difficult it is to stop running :(

    Haha webmd is definitely the ultimate no-no! Although, I've totally gone down the googling and webmd path when I asked Nick about something and didn't like the answer.

    Hope your foot heals quickly!

  2. this makes me laugh. a lot. sorry ;)

  3. Aww sorry about your foot! As a runner myself I GET you 100% bc nothing compares... But take it easy so you can get back on your feet when Spring really arrives :)

  4. I think that is why I don't run anymore, it is hard on a body! Remember pain is your body's way to saying stop... not forever, but just until it heals. Take care of your body, and listen to the doctor!

  5. OK, take care of yourself and take it easy!

    Your post had me laughing too!

    Ray Doc Wife

  6. Oh no. So sorry you ended up with a stress fracture. Ugh. Hope you have a quick recovery and don't hate your stationary bike workouts too much.


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