1) I played trivia last night for the first time in years.  This is a true sport, people. I think teams were more intense than any basketball team I've ever seen play. Let's hope that big blue has that tenacity during Friday's game. (Which, by the way, I thought was in Indy. I had the whole trip planned out  to surprise Kyle, only to discover it is in Texas! Fail.)

2) I keep looking at our currently empty garden plot and I get a big sense of excitement that makes me want to jump up & down for our future crops. I can't wait to wear my sunhat, gloves, and boots, carrying my new gardening basket my grandfather gave us a few weeks ago. I picture me skipping back to the house with a basket loaded with tomatoes and raspberries. I think I need to braid my hair just for the full effect. Maybe a better picture is of me using a broom to scare away the rabbits trying to eat our rhubarb. We shall see what this adventure holds. In the mean time, I'll gallivant around pretending that we'll grow a plethora of food for all!

3) Shakeology. I adore you. I wake up looking forward to your chocolatey goodness & you make me full well into the afternoon. I think we're going to have a lasting bond.

4) Spring, we need to talk. I miss you so much it makes my skin hurt. Really, it does. My skin is so sick of being dry from this winter. I neeeedddddd you, Spring. nnnneeeeeedddddddddddd

5) I'm so used to having the hospital and residency throw a wrench in any plans, I hate that this time it's my work. Arghh x10.

6)  Match Day was two Friday's ago. I spent the morning checking texts, facebook and instagram waiting for friends to discover where they are headed! Although I'm so pumped for so many people who got their first choice, I'm selfishly bummed that no one is headed here. However, some of our close friends from Virginia are coming to the Midwest, so for that I'm very grateful!! For the medical folk out there, if you know anyone who matched at Michigan, please give them my information. I'd love to meet them & welcome them to the mitten!

7) How I Met Your Mother. I really don't enjoy this show anymore...but goodness I HAVE TO KNOW who Ted married!!

8) I promise I'm not hiding our kitchen from you. The newly painted cabinets, the trials, tribulations and triumphs will be shared soon. I'm  just not even sure where to start on this one!

9) Did you know that fried chicken is the number one entree ordered in the United States at a sit down restaurant? Thanks to trivia, I now have nuggets of information with no where to use them.

10) We're in the middle of car shuffling and deciding if we still need the truck. All I can say is, never try to separate a man and his truck.


  1. I have had visions of my self gardening for the last 7 years.... i planted some potted plants one year but nothing edible. This year, no gardening. Next year, no gardening.... maybe one day my dreams of gardening will make it's way into reality. A truck is a valuable asset. You'll miss it when it's gone and you need to move something that won't fit in a car or suv.

  2. Totally agree..trivia is no joke even when it takes place at a loud, crowded bar. Good to know about the fried chicken although kind of gross. I love little tidbits of info like that!

  3. C loves trivia... he is soo good at it too. I bought a daily calendar of "365 Amazing Trivia Facts" so that I can occasionally throw in some random facts! Can't wait to see your garden.

  4. Love your thoughts - I'm also thinking about gardening these days, and The Ray Doc is considering a new car later this year. It's a favorite topic in our house at the moment.

    I can't complain about spring though - she's been abundant around Seattle and that's not something I can often say. I hope it finds you soon!

    Ray Doc Wife

  5. I totally agree about How I Met Your Mother. I just need to know who she is!


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