Before last Tuesday, I had never been to the west coast. Isn't that sad? I quickly learned that I've really been missing out. I had a work trip from Tuesday to Thursday, and figured I should extend my stay to take advantage of the time I had there. My sister-in-law, Kelly, flew out for the extra few days, so we had a girls weekend in the city. IT WAS A BLAST!
We walked more miles than I can count on two hands and both feet, ate a remarkable amount of frozen yogurt, ventured off path, and discovered a new love-hate relationship with go-cars. No, not go-carts, go-cars.

Here are the top 10 favs of the our trip:
(If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a few of these pictures)

#1  Running the Golden Gate

It was incredible! (A little scary when you stop, or look down, but seeing the whole city is pretty surreal!) I brought my phone so we could document the experience, well worth the small annoyance of carrying it :)

#2 Ferry to Sausalito & Tiburon

It would be hard to look at this all day, right? I loved these little towns!

It was a mutual decision that if we haddd to live in San Fran, we'd set up shop here. Small town just minutes from the city with views to drool over. The elevator lift to the front doors doesn't hurt either.

A friend had suggested we eat at this mexican restaurant in Tiburon. That friend deserves an extra BIG hug!

Not only was the food delicious, but we got these views:

#3 Trolley Ride

It was everything we had hoped for and more! And we have the awkwardness to prove it.

#4 Fisherman's Wharf

The Wharf was bit like a circus, but watching the sea lions, eyeing Alcatraz, soaking in the views (are you noticing a theme here?) and the live music make it hard to complain about. We also met up with one of Kyle & I's old friends from Charlottesville, Darlene! Her and her husband are also in the medical world (he is in his currently in his fellowship) so we had a lot to chat about :)

Of course we also hit up the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. After all of that walking, chocolate and ice cream was only necessary.

#5 Twin Peaks Summit

We walked about three miles (and got a bit lost) to get to the summit, only to realize it was much further than we anticipated. We had a cab take us the rest of the way up to the mountain. No shame. I mean, we did have to walk down ;)

#6  Exploring Neighborhoods

We stumbled upon some great areas (and not so great) each time we attempted to hail a cab, and ended up walking instead. Or, should I say climbing? We were everywhere from Castro to North Beach, Nob Hill to China Town, the Marina to Union Square. My butt is still sore from those hills.

#7 Presidio

Somehow we seemed to kept finding ourselves in the less busier areas of the city, where there are plenty of trees, grass, where the ocean breeze is felt, and you have a perfect view of the golden & bay bridges! The Presidio was amazing, full of history, views and running paths along the beach. We also found our way to Golden Gate Park and jumped in on a group Zumba class for the fun of it.

#8 Go-Cars

We saw one of these suckers pass by while we were eyeing Lombard Street, and decided it was a MUST that we rent one. Within a half hour we were watching the safety video. Impulsive or determined? Not sure which. After two heart attacks while driving, the last half hour ended up being quite enjoyable.

To be fair, I didn't drive. Kelly was behind the wheel and my job was to take pictures and navigate. That really meant attempting to get pictures and making sure we didn't get run over by the trollies. The words stress buckets comes to mind. I can't believe the allow these things on the road (the cars, not us)
For example, we went down a street which felt like a 90 degree angle and held on for dear life (okay, maybe we put out hands up, but just once), while other hills we could barelyyy make it up (most have been all that chocolate ice cream we ate).

#9 Waterfront & Ferry Building

Nothing like coming back into the city at night and seeing the nightscape from the water.

#10 Lombard St

Okay, I'll give you one buzz kill. Lombard street wasn't that cool. Just a bit strange. The view, of course, was incredible. It always is from the top of a hill :)

We spent the last night getting spoiled by the sunset.

Dear San Francisco,
I love you,
Your weather,
Your trolleys,
and your views. Ohhh, those views.
Even if your hills almost killed us, we're still buds.

You're newest friend,


  1. Great pictures Mere! We went there for our honeymoon & it is beautiful! You managed to fit a lot in while you were there!

    1. We fit a lot in! We were determined :) I'd love to go back with Kyle. It would be a fun honeymoon spot

  2. Oh wow. I've always wanted to travel to San Francisco but after this post I'm itching to get there even sooner! Looks like an absolutely fantastic trip!

  3. I love San Francisco!!! It is such a cool city. Looks like y'all had a blast. Love all the pictures.

  4. Your photos are fantastic and capture the beauty of the City so well!!! I hope to get there soon!

  5. Awe yay - what a great trip! You take such lovely photos girl!

    P.S. All I think about is Full House when I see pics of SF :)

    1. haha Anna, we tried to find the Full House home! After way too much time googling it we found out what area it was in but never found the exact one ;)

  6. Love San Fran! Having your bestie live there definitely helps :) so I've been several times to visit her & that city is definitely breathtaking! Glad you got a lot done and had fun!


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