Happy First Day of Spring!! I've been craving Spring like a fat kid craves chocolate.
Thus, I've been focusing some attention on planning our landscaping! My grandfather happens to love his gardening (it's where my mother got it from), so we get magazines delivered at least once a week from subscriptions he has signed us up for. I adore it. It's no wonder I'm feeling my green thumb growing, I happen to come by it naturally.

Let me give you a little introduction to the exterior of our home. When I say that the house has NO landscaping, I'm actually not exaggerating. I'm talking zero, zilch, nada.

Our yard is lined with larger pines and random shubbery, with one apple tree IN the backyard.
Do you see the little bit of color lining the house, a bit of green and purple? Those were cabbage plants that the sellers put there when the house went on the market. They were still in their plastic containers, so within 2.5 seconds those things found their way to the trash. The only thing in the space now is some dirty and old weeds.

There is also a small brick circle with one tree it in, in the center of the front yard. Plans call to tear that out too. Although the painting of the house is a discussion for a different day (OMGICANNOTWAIT!!!), I think it's worthy to note that the builders left the foundation exposed rather than painting it. It's very, very odd.

Okay, back to landscaping!

This is part of our house from the back: (remember when we chatted about sunroom ideas?)
I'd also love to put some huge pottery pieces with colorful flowers on this patio!

We have a lot to tackle here & it feels a bit overwhelming! I am, however, thankful that we won't be spending days tearing out old plants and weeds that were never cared for. We're pretty much just starting from scratch, which makes this job A LOT easier. The only problem we have is deciding WHERE to start. There's a lot to consider!

How much sun the area gets
How much water the plant needs
When the plant will bloom
How much spacing it requires from neighboring plants
Annual vs. Perennial 
The size it will get
The colors the plant will yield 
The function of the plants

I read an article that said the best thing to do is to start with a detailed understanding of our likes and dislikes. We know there are a few plants we'd love to use in some capacity:

1) Hydrangeas

I spent a lot of time in Martha's Vineyard with a past job, and that island is swarming with the most beautiful hydrangea plants! They were also our wedding flower, so they just snuggle into a close place in my heart. I've never seen hydrangea bushes I didn't like!

2) Boxwood

I think boxwood would be great in the exterior areas around where our generator and air conditioner sit. I read they do tend to be a little fragile in stressful environments, so more research to come.

And if we really wanted to go a little crazy:

3) Hosta

I love hosta plants. Lurrveee them. They're so easy, grow like a weed, and make a world of difference in landscaping! They can be a ground cover, line a patio, grow in a pot, multiply like crazy. What can't these little things do? I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about just putting hosta everywhere and calling it a day!

4) A Magnolia & A Dogwood

The far corner of our house is screaming for a beautiful, flowering tree.  Maybe it would be better to put a bigger tree like the magnolia in the front yard and use a smaller dogwood on the corner space?

My old boss in Virginia gave Kyle & I a dogwood tree as a moving gift, I about died it was soo thoughtful! Sadly, it died during the move, so I'm set on getting the exact one again. She got it for us because she knew how much I loved dogwoods. Every Spring, they would line a lot of the streets by our home in Charlottesville, giving off the most beautiful scent and scenery!

Furthermore, there is a huge, beautiful magnolia tree outside of the church that we got married in, and it bloomed the week of our wedding! (Even though it snowed on our wedding day!) Clearly I'm a bit sentimental about these trees.

Just a side note: Depending on what we do on the ground, I think window planters would be stellar on the front big windows.
Something like this:

Can you see my head spinning?! So much to decide!
Kyle has some time off next week, so one of the to-dos is to draw up a more elaborate landscaping idea & consult some experts (aka, my mother & grandfather). We'll also be making great friends with the local nursery.

Do you have any favorite plants or flowers that you'd suggest?! Has anything worked or not worked for you?! Would love to hear about it :)

By the way, I should have warned you. This is just the BEGINNING. We also have an already plotted garden ready to grow some food. This Spring will be full of outdoor adventures....if it ever stops snowing.


  1. Jeez it is the first day of Spring isnt it. Now if only it FELT like it! It must be fun to plan landscaping ideas. I will live vicariously through you for that for the next few years.

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  3. Check out pachysandra! Its an upright evergreen groundcover that prefers shade. Its one of my favorites. :)

    1. Hey Dana! My in-laws have some in their yard and I love it. So easy to care for!

  4. Hostas are so easy to care for. They pop up in the spring and summer and disappear in the fall winter and back up in the spring like magic. I love hydrangeas and tress that have beautiful blossoms.

  5. We are going through the exact same discussion right now! I so badly want to redo the landscaping (the previous owners just planted stuff for purposes of showing the house) and then we had an awful drought this summer and everything just about died from too much heat. Then this winter our redbud tree was split in half when we got a really heavy snowstorm, so we took that down this past weekend.

    SO many things go into planning landscaping and I'm finding it all a little overwhelming! Best of luck on your planning, can't wait to hear how it goes!

    1. SO much died here last summer too. We're lucky we even have green grass left. What a bummer that you had to remove a tree from the snow, especially if it was a mature one :( Best of luck to you too, it's definitely a huge project to take on! I need to keep reminding myself it won't be finished it a year...things do take time to grow after all ;)

    2. Sounds like a sprinkler installation needs to go on the 'to-do' list!! Larry did ours by himself, its dirty work but not difficult.... And if you plan REALLY well, you can customize which heads go where to best fit which plants you have in each area!

  6. Love all of your landscaping inspiration! Keep us posted on what you choose. I personally know nothing about landscaping since we still are apartment living.

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