I had full intention of blogging each day this week, but yesterday was a travel day and I'm somehow still adjusting to a new time zone. I had a few minutes to sneak away from my duties, so in celebration of sunshine and exploring a new city, today I'm hosting my first giveaway on the blog, thanks to Sarah from "Renewed Upon A Dream."
She is an artist at heart; refurbishing furniture pieces, creating beautiful scarves, and always playing around with new crafty projects! I mentioned to her that I'd love to do our baseboards (before they were finished) and her response was, "you just need to use the miter saw!" I love her abilities! I'm not sure what the girl can't do. She needs to be teaching classes (hint hint)

Her ETSY Shop displays a lot of these fun crafts, including my favorite: Handbound Journals.

I snagged this right off of one of Sarah's recent posts, because it fit so nicely with this giveaway: 
Do you use a journal? I usually have floating in my purse, it's full of random thoughts that occupy my day and would easily get lost in the shuffle- everything from decor ideas, blog post topics, and to-do lists.

 Something about homemade seems so much more personal; knowing that someone's hands, technique, ideas and energy were put into it make it so much more special. I think they'd make the cutest gift to someone too, just to say "Thank You," or "Just thinking about you!"

There are three ways to get enter the drawing (with each item being one entry!)

To WIN a handcrafted journal:
1) Follow this blog
2) Follow Sarah @ Renewed By A Dream
3) Leave a comment telling me what your favorite thing about SPRING is!

The winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday!

Looking forward to giving someone this sweet little gift :)


  1. Gorgeous journals!! I am a sporadic journaler... normally during stressful times or times when I am trying to figure life out!

  2. I have always loved Sarah's books... they are so beautiful, and romantic - just like spring:-)

  3. These books are gorgeous Sarah!! My favorite thing about Spring is the flowers. :) This being my first Spring living in Michigan, I am especially looking forward to this one because it is the first time I will see what pops up in my garden. I saw a sneak peak in March last year and then didn't see it again till May. Hopefully there will be many surprises in between.. :)

  4. Love these journals! My favorite thing(s) about Spring: Everything is NEW and green!

  5. Would love to win this journal! I love journaling! These are just so gorgeous!

    Tulips are my favorite part of spring - we live near the fields and fields of tulips that grow annually in Western WA - so special!


    Ray Doc Wife

  6. We have a cold dark winter, so my favourite thing about spring is the SUNSHINE. It's glorious

  7. Oh, and my favorite thing about spring is everything feeling so fresh, clean and new! And the sunshine. And the birds chirping. And not bundling up to be outside. And WANTING to be outside. Basically, I think I love spring ;)


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