I'm popping in today to say a quick hello and give you an extremely random post. It's been sitting in my drafts for humm... 2 weeks. Can you tell I've been a bit distracted lately? Life feels overwhelming and a bit bizarre right now. Enough that I'm actually ignoring it as a coping mechanism and sharing about appliances instead. That's right, this is a post for grown ups.

On we go..

Can you tell that something is off in this picture?
No pun intended about the cabinet doors that are actually off. Should I say, something does NOT look right?

Why, yes...it is the lack of a normal size refrigerator. To keep it short and sweet, Lowe's essentially gave us the model we ordered but it was their floor sample and broken (!!!???), so they ordered us an upgraded version and delivered this as a temporary solution. This all included THIRTY phone calls in 2 days, a snow storm, some tears of frustration and I may have banged by phone once against my desk.
This thing is itty bitty. It reminds me of a bigger version of the mini fridges you use in a college dorm. Okay, it's clearly not that bad - I'm just being dramatic. The good news is we do have our new dishwasher and range, and boy are they pretty.

We had our inaugural dishwasher run a few weeks ago. It was quite the event - we sat next to it the entire time, making sure there were no leaks and having our hand on the water valve just.in.case. It was unnecessarily stressful and made me feel too much like an adult. I turned on cartoons and ate fruit snacks immediately after to redeem my inner child.

So, back to this refrigerator business.
We got it in the knick of time before all of our food went bad from sitting in the garage for two days. There is a bright side to this besides negotiating a sizable refund and getting an upgrade-  I discovered I love french doors! Thank goodness, since that is what we had purchased! While in the store, it took a lot of convincing. I originally wasn't sold on the idea of having the freezer at the bottom and having to layer products. I thought they'd easily get lost/forgotten about. (Maybe there is a lesson in here about not buying a lot of frozen goods either, but that is a story for another day.)

I'm happy to report that after a few weeks with this one, I hope to never return to side-by-side. All those advocates were totally right! Everything in the refrigerator is so accessible, and food doesn't' get shoved to the back like it did on the side-by-side. (I'd always find some berries or bread pushed in the wayyy back when I cleaned out the fridge for garbage day each week!). I'm not sure why I was worried about the freezer food getting wasted when the fresh food in the side-by-side had the same potential of loss. Clearly that wasn't fully thought through. Blame it on the paint fumes.

For all you medical peeps...tomorrow is MATCH DAY! WHOOT WHOOT! I'm a ball of nervousness and excitement just thinking about ya'll!


  1. Love your beautiful new appliances!! Glad that whole situation worked out! :) And thanks for thinking of us wives-of-fourth-years.....I CAN'T WAIT until tomorrow to find out what the future holds!!

  2. haha. I'm sure the right one will look great in there. LOVE your kitchen :)

    Staying busy is only marginally keeping the nerves down for tomorrow. I love how my coworker put it:
    we "know we get a present tomorrow, but are really unsure whether its a bicycle or socks."

    I really want the bicycle.

  3. Both are beautiful- I'd prefer the pull out freezer only because the boyfriend perilously stacks stuff and it ends up falling on my short head. Otherwise I'd be all about the French doors!

  4. I miss my beautiful stainless steel, french door, freezer on the bottom appliance. They really are amazing and I am glad you are getting one!


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