Well it's Wednesday and I'm just catching up from two weekends ago. Life sure can get busy quickly!
Prior to leaving for San Francisco, we had four friends come into town to spend the weekend with us. Unfortunately, Kyle worked a extremely long shift (but I can't say how long because this is a public forum. Lame.) Let's just say it was a downer that he had to be in the hospital for so long while friends were here, so our solution?

We decided such a feat should be celebrated! The plan was to surprise him with our cabinet doors being put back up and throwing him a party! I'll admit, the party was Mark's idea, apparently, he loves my husband more than I do. A trip to Lowe's (how does every post have a trip to Lowe's including it in somehow. Is this what my life has become?!) and the dollar tree later, we were rollin'.
I promise, not everyone who visits our home is required to do work.

psst.. there's a sneak peak of our new range too :)

Although the cabinets didn't go as expected because we ran out of time, the party was a hit! You may be totally lost as to why we threw a random party that mimicked a first graders birthday party, but sometimes life deserves random celebrations.
We hung streamers, covered our floors in balloons, put "Congratulations" signs throughout the house, wore party hats, used noise makers, and drank from krazy straws. He even got gifts that included a toy fishing game and his favorite candy.

(the only tape we could find was painters tap. Just bare with me, we were limited on time to prepare for the guest of honors arrival)

The best part? Kyle was completely confused, possibly due to a sleep deprived state. We just kept jumping up and down and screaming "wahooo!!"... followed by more jumping and loud noises.
Then we gave him the official party hat and balloon:

Obviously you can't just stop a party, so we thought it was only necessary to bring the krazy straws to dinner.

Sunday we had a pancake breakfast around the kitchen island, headed off to church, and then ate some more at brunch. Later, we watched Michigan beat Michigan State, and although that was two weeks ago, it still made for a perfect ending :)
I'm so thankful for our friends!!

We also have another reason to use some noise makers and krazy straws!
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Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you find a reason to celebrate the little things today :)


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