The snow just keeps coming this morning. I woke up with a head full of snot (sexy right, I just can't kick this head cold!) and the morning drive left my fists white... but at least it looks pretty! Are any of you getting hit by the crazy snow storm across the country?

I hate this tease of sunshine and a warmer day, only to arise the next morning to inches of snow. Sinuses are not happy. It's time for a vacation. That's where you come in !

We're planning a vacation in April and we're stumped on a location. We originally thought that we'd try the Florida Keys, since neither one of us have been there before; Kyle could fish all week and I could exercise, relax, catch up on the book club reads and drink a few margaritas. However, now were doubting if we will enjoy it that time of year - considering it is spring break for a lot of people. I
have little desire (make that NO desire) to be surrounded by crazy college kids doing white t-shirt contests. Yikes.

Since we only have about 5 days, the locations are limited. (i.e. we don't want to spend an entire day flying to the Mediterranean) Somewhere in this region would be nice:

Our list is pretty short and sweet:

- Fishing must be available (I'll give you one guess as to who made that a necessity)
- Sunshine, A LOT of sunshine
- Shorter flight, around a half day of travel
- Fun things to do to - scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, hiking, mopeds, site seeing, exploring local areas, etc etc...
- Not super secluded because we love meeting people on trips
- We'd prefer to not stay at an all inclusive resort (we rented a car on the second day of our honeymoon because we felt so secluded!). We're also up for renting a house/condo,
- Not overly tourist-y

Thank you, in advance, for any input! We really value our time away together, and being able to enjoy and discover new parts of the world (there's little I love more than that!).



    Most colleges don't have spring break during April.

  2. Destin, Fl is our favorite beach! We went there in college for spring break, but have been back since and still love it. Baytowne Wharf is a great little sub-community. Lots of shopping, fishing, and stuff to do! It is a little touristy... but nothing beats the white sandy beaches of FL! Happy Vacationing!!

  3. A cruise may be perfect for you! We did one with Royal Caribbean, on Majesty of the Seas. It was 4 nights. Amazing! It went to Nassau, Bahamas, Cococay, Bahamas and Key West. -Amanda

  4. Yay, nothing better than planning a warm getaway during residency, except going on vacation :) We went to Folly Beach, South Carolina, last fall and loved it - lots of fun restaurants to try, really close to Charleston, and I'm sure there's plenty of fishing. But I don't know how easy it is to fly there (we drove)... We like all-inclusives ourselves, so that's what we're doing in the Dominican Republic next month!

    1. Anne, I've heard good things about the Dominican too. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  5. I'm so interested to read the comments because we are looking into a week of vacation in early May! We were also considering Key West- I doubt it's that popular with the college kids. I LOVE Destin as Elizabeth suggested, but make sure it's not Spring Break for LSU because they overtake Destin during their Spring Break.

    1. I think Key West may still be on our list too, after someone sent the link to college spring break dates! There were also suggestions of Bermuda, Negel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman...if you are still exploring options :)

  6. you could try one of the quieter keys, like islamorada. still a lot to do (from what I remember), and you can take day trips to other keys (via boat or car)! We went to Aruba on our honeymoon & while we weren't very adventurous (we needed to just relax), there are many opportunities to go do different things!

    We're going skiing this year - wish it was somewhere warm & tropical instead!

    1. Kelly, I like the idea of trying another key! Thanks for the advice :) Aruba sounds so appealing too... Wish we could go somewhere every month!!

  7. Cancun may be right up your alley or Playa del Carmen - I prefer the latter. The north coast of the Dominican Republic is also another good option.

    New Orleans may also be a lot of fun if you haven't been before. Can't wait to see where you end up!


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