If I've learned anything over the past three months, it's this:


 "Patience is a virtue" should be plastered on a sign in our entryway. One project always affects another; it becomes the snowball effect of epic proportions! Granted, we have finished a lot in a very short period of time, and it's been great to be able to enjoy our home rather than live in a construction zone. However, there's still plenty to go! We've slowed down after the crazy few weeks of renos, having felt burnt out a bit from the chaos. Since then, it's been more of a marathon than a sprint. 

Here is our 3 months project report. The last time we chatted about this was back in November, after just three  weeks of renovations. No big projects have been started since then, mostly the small ones that make you feel accomplished ;) Small Victories!

- Flooring (everywhere except the laundry room and half bath....so maybe it's not finished?)
- Resurfaced the fireplace
- Refinished the cabinets (wait...after reading below you may not think this belongs on the finished list. I'm sensing a pattern here)
- Installing a kitchen island
- Changed the electrical in kitchen
- Had new countertops installed
- Floor to Ceiling paint in every room
- Removed flooring from 1/2 half

- Cleaned out the garages. You may not find this to be a big deal, but let's take a look at what they looked like after some major demolition work:

 (THAT is the "prettiest" photo I could find!)

- Cleaned out the sunroom
- Ordered new appliances and kitchen hardware
- Converted the laundry room closet into an entryway nook (wait, I technically said that wasn't complete until the laundry room floor was finished...)
- Installed new baseboards
- Replaced 10 light fixtures
- Organized the basement

Remember when I mentioned not to long ago (see: above), that things take time. Well, that means we have a lot of lingering projects. Are you one of those people that cleans up before anyone comes to your house? I am. This sort of feels like the opposite, exposing the imperfections and lingering projects for the world to see. I feel naked and I'm not fond of it. But, Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was our home...so here's our "naked" list. 

To-Do List

Kitchen Wall
I shared in December that we had opened up a wall from the entryway to the kitchen area. What I didn't follow up on weeks later we decided that it was a little uneven.-  enough to sand, re-mud and fix. It's on it's second cycle, hoping to be completed today!

Cabinet & Cabinet Hardware
When I shared the kitchen progress a few weeks ago, I didn't do any up-close, zoomed in photographs of the cabinets. That was purposeful :) They still need touch ups. So, the hardware we ordered sits on the window sill waiting to be installed.

1/2 Bath
This half bath is that one thing that reminds us of how crazy the first demolition week was. Kyle was really ambitious that week and tore up the floor. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday, "what are you doing?!", "Oh, we're redoing this floor too,"..."what?!"
The new flooring sits in boxes on the floor and the door stays closed until we find time to install it. 

(Why we haven't taken the toilet paper off the roll is beyond me. I hope no one is using this bathroom, the toilet is currently in the garage.)

Office - Paint!
We painted the office one color with two coats, and it simply looks BLAH. The old greenish color still shows through, so now it appears to be a very pale mint. I keep teetering between two different colors, but until we re-paint, I don't want to decorate. So here they sit, artwork and frames lean against the wall in organized chaos.
(I just had to throw this picture in here, Hannah was helping paint the bathroom)

Holes in the wall!
We replaced a light fixture in the hallway bathroom and there are two rather large holes in the wall since the new fixture is slightly shorter than the old one.

Window Treatments
There are four identical windows in the front of the house, two in the master bedroom and two in the office. We had the window shades cut to match a month ago, and they haven't moved from the office since. (I also cannot get down the old ones in the master for the life of me!!)

Dining Room light
A few friends came over a couple weeks ago and their two year old instantly pointed at the hole in the ceiling and said "oh no." Just as the lights had to be moved in the kitchen area, the outlet has to be moved in the dining room as well. We still haven't  decided if we want multiple recessed lights or one light in that area. Until then...

We installed all new baseboards throughout the entire home. My dad and sister measured, cut, and installed. I followed with nail putty, a damp rag and sand paper. It was a fun night of bonding. They look beautiful (completely changed the house!), but still need to painted. I've been avoiding it.

There are also misc. items, but I've gravitated more towards the decorating when I'm not feeling inspired to pick up another hammer.

Do you have any lingering projects in your home ?! Maybe ones you THOUGHT were finished, only to go back and re-do months later? Tis the life :)


  1. We all start out so ambitious and quickly run out of steam. You have accomplished so much! I am sure after a little break you will get that second wind and finish up. Or you will learn to live with it:-) Good luck.

  2. You sound like me with your home! Good for you.

    We have a deck project on hand that I will soon be blogging about in March! Good luck with all of your upcoming projects!

    Cheers! Lisa


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