I've been dreading this post just a bit, since the decisions came quickly and we began directly after. A few weeks ago I showed you the progress of our kitchen, with little things to finish such as the outlets, appliances and hardware installation.

Well, add REDO CABINETS - AGAIN to that list.
 Wwwwwhaaaatttt? Yeah, that was my reaction too.

Last week we were knocking some of the to-do's off the laundry list. This included fixing the scratches on the cabinets. In some places, the polyurethane created an uneven coat from the paint, and in other's it peeled right off! Nothing major, but definitely something that needed to be fixed. We also noticed that there was a purple tint to in some areas. I'm not sure if it was the way I had painted them in the beginning, or if I had put the poly on wrong, but the cabinets needed a little love. You may also notice from the picture above a certain shine to in some specific areas-  that's not normal.

We sanded down some of the areas, in hopes of starting over. But, nothing would stick! After two days, we threw in the towel and took it as an opportunity to renovate again (optimism much?).

Thankfully, Kyle and I were on the same page with exactly what we wanted. It was finding the exact color that we had in our minds that was the challenge.

That's right, we love the look of soft green and blue hues for the kitchen cabinets. Call us crazy, but we took this has a chance to try something a bit different. I mentioned that we would be changing the wall color in the kitchen simply because everything seemed way too neutral and bland for me. Instead, we changed the cabinets!

We had to find a color to match the backsplash, granite, flooring, island, and the brushed nickle hardware that we had already ordered. (It took a while to find hardware we loved, so we didn't want to give it up!) Ideally, it would also look great the wall paint color so that we wouldn't have to re-paint the walls. (An attempt to derail the inevitable snowball affect!)

I started by de-glossing the cabinets, essentially taking them to the same stage they were at when we began with the oak. Simply stripping the poly.

Then came the "ohhh-I-hope-this-workssss" part:

Over the course the past two days, I finished two coats on the cabinets, two coats on the doors, and currently the back of the doors are on their second round. As it stands today, our kitchen is ONE. HOT. MESS.

We need some painting touch-ups, molding and ohh..appliances. Those are always handy.

But, guess what's coming today?!
Since, not only did we decide to take on this project this weekend, we also had to prepare for our new appliances to be delivered today. (You'd think that this was really bad timing, but it allowed me to paint without having to move appliances out and back in, so it worked out surprising well!) We went with a gas range, but currently have an electric one. Thus, we had to install a new gas line from our furnace to the stove (which is why I said "I painted," and not "We," Kyle was busy installing the line downstairs- we were busy bees this weekend!) Every few minutes I'd hear him and pray again that there would be no natural gas leak in the house! Praise God there wasn't!

We're so excited to see everything come together - again! It already looks SO fresh and crisp, and I must admit that we both like it more than the dark cabinets. I'm so giddy about getting the cabinets back up and the hardware installed! It will take a few more days, but I'm *hoping* by the end of the next week we'll be able to share our COMPLETELY FINISHED kitchen! (Does that sound like a resounding gong yet!?!) It isn't the change we expected to make, but I'm pleasantly surprised and happy we did :)

Until then...



  1. Wow, love the color! But I can't imagine having to do the whole painting process twice... we painted ours white last fall, after which I declared I never wanted to paint cabinets again. I didn't do any polyurethane because I was worried about issues, and so far they've held up just fine!

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