It's one of those weeks. It's only Tuesday {morning.}
I need to find joy in the bigger picture, excitement in the small victories and honestly, just let things go. I don't typically have bad days, so when I do (and multiple ones at that), it shakes me more than I would like to admit. It rattles my emotions and I become much more irritable and vulnerable than I'd prefer. I feel trapped under a cloud of discouragement.
That discouragement finds a way to humble me.
Bad days give me a kick in the butt that I most likely deserve. In the midst of my own sulking or potentially irrational frustrations, I get glimpses of what I'm surrounded by. What I've been given, blessed with, trusted with. The spiral of one stressful event to the other is a deathly combination, convincing you that life, not just a singular event, is bad. Here's to knowing full well that no matter the circumstances that surround a bad day, life is so incredibly good and full.


  1. Hey girl - I hope your day turns around. I just read a quote that said something to the extent of "most of life's problems can be solved by laughter or a long nap". Too simple, but perhaps, too true :).

  2. Hi Meredith!

    Oh, so sorry to hear that you've had a series of bad days - I hate runs like that - but take heart they do end! I always keep a gratitude journal, and find 5 things every day to appreciate - it seems to be even more important on those days that are rough - when you look around you will see the good - as you continue to bless the bad.

    Hang in there! I am thinking of you - I am grateful for you and your visits!!

    Cheers, Lisa


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