I don't know about you, but if you are from the north, you may be able to relate - I'm over this cold weather.
I feel as if I am going against everything I was raised in by admitting that, but seriously, this winter thing has got to go. Every morning I wake up and my chills remind me that we are no longer in the south. Maybe I'm being a negative nancy, but I really dislike shaving my legs twice a day just because of all the goose bumps (I really don't do it twice a day, every day.) I think the last four years of the mild, southern winters made me forget how frigid it can be up here. That, or I have a selective memory.
I find myself needing a glimpse of the sun to touch my face, to feel a bit rejuvenated (and also get some color back. This pale look is not becoming.)

I've been making a valid attempt to stay positive and not let the colder days get the best of me. Here are a few things that help me with the blues (and the winter bulge!!).

Fresh Flowers!
There's something about fresh flowers that make everything more cheerful. When you look outside and constantly see bare, brown trees, it's nice to bring in color and be reminded that Spring is just around the corner!
I instagrammed this photo last week (you may recognize the tulips!)

Force Yourself Out!
It's so easy to hibernate during the winter months (Who can blame bears, really?!). I make a point to have lunch or dinner dates or plans multiple days a week to make sure that I am not becoming anti-social and/or depressed from my sudden aversion to colder climates. 

Plan a trip
Having something to look forward to does wonders! It doesn't have to be something extravagant (although places with a lot of sunshine and warmth are preferable), just enough for you to get you out of the house, do some exploring and soak in the outdoors. 

Get Creative
When we moved into our home after the first frost, I was a bit sad because I knew we couldn't start outdoor projects. Everyone told me that we could use this winter to do everything indoors, and they were right! I made a long list of DIY and business projects to keep me engaged, inspired and, let's face it, from becoming the woman on the couch surrounded by potato chip remains watching old 90210 episodes. Trust me, that is not far from reality if this weather stays at 10 degrees another 2 months.
Anyone take a stab at an upcoming project?

It can be really difficult to run in the snow and slush (and sometimes dangerous). I love doing workout videos, but winter tends to take a lot of my motivation and throw it right out the window, right into the snow piles. What helps? It may sound ridiculous, but I make sure to watch The Biggest Loser and buy heath magazines. Having the constant motivation of a magazine on the coffee table or the 400 lb woman trying her hardest to get healthy again gives me little room for excuses.

Partner up!
While we're chatting about working out, the best thing to do to keep in shape is to find a workout partner. I ALWAYS feel better (mentally, physically and emotionally) when I am able to go for a great run. Frigid winters can be a huge deterrent for running. If you have someone to run with, it changes the game!
(This is a ridiculous picture, but it was 8 degrees outside and we ran in 2 pairs of pants, 5 top layers - including a winter coat, two hats and two pairs of gloves. It wasn't that bad! Just be prepared for a lot of snot- kind of like Dumb and Dumber.)

Open your shades
There is nothing like natural light to help a mood. It may be less efficient for your heating bill, but I promise artificial light is a sad substitute. Letting the daylight saturate your home or office helps reminds you there is a big world out there. It's also peaceful to see the snowflakes continually come down. It may not look like this, but I promise it will be refreshing!

Enjoy it!
How does that saying go? If you can't beat em, join em!
There are so many fun things to do in the winter! (I just need a little reminding of that sometimes.) Snowmobiling, tubing, sledding, building snowmen, snow angels, or skiing are all memories from growing up here. Michigan is a fun playground for outdoor adventures (Kyle would disappointed if I also didn't mention ice fishing!). 

Do you have any tips for not letting the winter blues get the best of you (and your waist line?!)?

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  1. I am from Alabama and don't see how y'all stand it in the cold! I was just complaining about being ready for winter to be over and it is about 40 degrees right now! Guess I shouldn't really be complaining. And... running in the cold... not sure how I would handle that. Also, you inspired to buy tulips at the grocery store on my way home from work on Friday... they have been such a cheerful addition!

  2. Happy Medical Mondays! I'm down in Louisiana but always wish we got more cold weather! I would love to have at least a day or two of snow instead of wearing shorts for Christmas one year. I guess the grass is always greener ;)

  3. Good suggestions! I'm buying my own bunch of tulips today!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Ray Doc Wife

  4. So it doesn't get down to 8 degrees on Long Island, but I am SO over the cold! Thanks for the suggestions! Going to open my shades and go buy some flowers. :)


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