A few years ago, the previous owners (who also built our home) added on. They added an additional garage (I'll get to that later) and a 3-seasons room. It's a fun little addition, but one in which we are a bit lost on what to do with.

Here she is:

Currently, it's a room that we use to dry out firewood, hold minimal work out equipment, and put shoes in when we run around with Maizy in the backyard. We we finished unpacking, we simply threw down an extra rug, put some weights in it and called it a day. In other words, it doesn't do a whole lot. Amongst other things, I've been "researching" some fun ideas for the space.
Workout room? Living room? lounge area?
I'd love to put an elliptical  machine and a small TV, so it could be a small work out area. I also think I'd be a fun reading nook (I decided to join a book club. I don't read.) In the future, it could make a good playroom for kids. During the spring and summer, it should be more of a transitional room since it's the only access to the patio area from indoors.

Here's some eye candy that I keep coming back to:
(and trying to figure out if it would work in our room)

Traditional Exterior design by Columbus General Contractor Michael Matrka, Inc

I love this seating arrangement. Perfect for card games, conversation or afternoon tea and reading (I do that now). I'm also crazy in love with the chairs. Yellow is so cheery, perfect for a sunroom! (However, yellow may not work well with our Cedar interior)

This is a much more casual approach, which would be great! No worries about kids staining furniture, and they can be used indoors and outdoors. Clearly, I'm digging this set up (see picture 1)!

 Since we have larger doors that open to the sunroom from the living room, I love the idea of putting furniture on both sides so you have a direct view of the yard when you walk in!

Or, we could take a minimalist approach and make it a work out/yoga studio area. I don't do yoga enough to name it a yoga studio, but I think it sounds cooler. Agreed?

I could also grow a green thumb and use the sunroom as a mini conservatory. I'm actually quite intrigued by this idea, but I'm not sure it would fly (or survive). Those lush green plants could be brown in no time, not so pretty anymore. (sort of like the current exterior paint color!)

This reminds me a little tree house. Probably not practical but it's fun to look at. Regardless of the hanging furniture, I'm a big fan of those drapes and those chairs!

All you need is a coconut candle and you will feel like you're in the tropics with this design. It's a little too stripe-y for my taste, but I like the mix between wicker & fabric.

Then we have the option of doing a sectional (I love sectionals!) Maybe a smaller one with a chaise lounge off the end would be a good option. 

See, totally lost. First-world problems, I know.

Do you have a sunroom? Any advice on how to use the space?!

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  1. Ah, sunroom dreaming in the middle of winter - love it!

    Great ideas!

    We have a unique space that's a sunroom but we are using it as an office!

    Ray Doc Wife


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