Over the course of four years while Kyle was in medical school, we formed what felt like was a family in Charlottesville (sniff sniff). We haven't been able to see the majority of them since moving to Ann Arbor, since some are still in C'ville while others are scattered across the country at various residency programs. This past weekend I ventured down to Nashville to spend a few days with Patti & Josh, both of whom attended med school with Kyle. (Here's us at a fav restaurant in C'ville the week of graduation)

This was my first time to Nashville, and first time seeing Patti & Josh since our early morning date at Bodo's Bagels the morning we drove away in the Uhaul truck and headed north.

Sadly, Kyle had to work, so I third-wheeled it all weekend.

Regardless, Nashville is great! It's easy see why people swoon over this city! It probably had an unfair advantage, considering I hadn't seen the sun in what felt like months and the weather didn't require a winter coat and mittens. However, there's something about watching people play their guitar on every street corner that just makes you happy. I also got to wear my new cowboy boots (a Christmas gift), so I felt very southern. Until I spoke and someone completely called me out on sounding 'Midwestern.' (Just let me have my moment in my boots people!).

We spent some time wandering around various parents of the city, catching up on the last six months of life and trading horror stories of residency life. Since they've been stuck in the hospital 99% of the time, this also gave them a good chance to explore more of their new home :) 

We also spent an evening at Bluebird cafe (the one featured on 'Nashville') It certainly lived up to it's reputation; a hole-in-the-wall that is the pinnacle of music in Nashville. The appearance is nothing more than sub-par, with old photographs scattered across the walls, random lights hung on sinking ceilings and crowded tables covered in old table clothes. Then the music starts, and you suddenly realize why people flock to this tiny establishment to see some of the best songwriters and artists in the music city.

We also indulged in some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. Mango sorbet from real mangoes, coconut ice cream from real coconut (anyone else thinking of Willy Wonka right now?)...it's rare these days! Pied Piper in East Nashville, a must try! If you indulge in this ice cream, you'll also need to look across the street to the hot dog stand. I don't want to spell out the whole name in fear of sketchy Google search results, but you can read it yourself to the right.

If you follow me on instagram, you've seen a few more photos from the weekend in the south..the warm, sunshine-filled days!

Then, I came home to this:

...and my fingers have been numb ever since.


  1. Glad you got to come down south to escape the winter weather! We are looking at C'ville for residency!! We loved it when we went to visit. Such a cool place.

  2. What a beautiful city.... and then there is snow. Sorry you had to go home to that!


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