Welcome to a catch-up. The random life of us.

Here we go:

Book Club
Kyle likes to tease me about being part of a book club. However, I only read one book and it was during the time that we were suppose to be reading the second book. Athough I am behind in participation points, I enjoy the social hour. Last week MK hosted a Tea Party for The Pride & Prejudice.

We used her grandmother's china and ate homemade scones. I know, AMAZING. I did a few extra sit ups that night to make me feel better about eating my weight in scones.

Ark Folk Festival
I shared a while ago how EXCITED I was about the Folk Festival, specifically because Rodriguez was performing. It was this past Friday, and we braved the freezing cold and snow showers to see him and five other artists perform.

My fav: Delta Rae. You can tell they LOVE what they do and it changes the energy of the entire room. They started off their tour here and will be returning to A2 in August! I love discovering new bands, here's their website! 

Rodriguez started the 2nd half of the night and received a well deserved standing ovation from the moment he was escorted on stage. I'm pretty sure everyone in the room had seen Searching For Sugarman, so were were all THRILLED to see him perform.

Auto Show
Disaster of people. TOO. MANY. PEOPLE.
Thankfully we were too cheap to pay the $20.00 for parking, so we paid for two hours on the street and had an excuse to leave the auto show. We were getting claustrophobic and both experiencing hangry symptoms.

The best part of the day of was having lunch with our close friends in Detroit! Budarest Cafe, I like you.

Sunday Funday
We ended up shopping for new appliances on Sunday after church, and it was a bit overwhelming. Did you know there are different colors of stainless steel? Of course the refrigerator we love has a different stainless steel than the gas range. Who knew?

Later on we enjoyed an entire afternoon and evening with homemade venison nachos and friends. It was so nice to have people over while Kyle was home, we miss hosting together. What fun is a house if  you can't share it?!

Speaking of which, how obvious is it that Kyle ended up going to the store with me on Sunday?

I suppose I can't talk, since I snuck these into the cart:

I was too intrigued to let them slip by.
Consensus: by "jelly" they really do mean jelly, so the texture is a bit strange. Almost as if you are pulling worms out of a popsicle. Somehow, still delicious (although I doubt that I could convince you of that since I just compared it to swarm of worms)

Taken 2.
Not a date movie. I am now rethinking our trip to Europe this summer. I heard pepperspray is not allowed on a plane?

Maizy's Apparel
The poor girl has been missing running with me, it's simply been too cold for her. So, I took her out this week for the first time in two weeks since it got up to 40 degrees! She was so wet from the horrible snow/slush mix (then a bath), that she just kept shivering. Solution:

Thank you Target clearance section, although my husband may dislike you, I adore you.

In other news, my mother's birthday is tomorrow! The BIG 3-0.
Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. You're so lucky you saw Rodriguez! We literally just finished watching Searching for Sugarman & I pick up my computer and read this.

    1. I just saw him on the Jeff Probst Show too. He's making his rounds lol. What an amazing documentary, right?!

  2. I saw a lot of fruits and veggies on that plate, I think it cancels out the calories in the scone:-) My husband would love to go to the auto show... he is a car guy.


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