I always thought that I could be a vegetarian. I really just eat chicken, turkey meat and venison, but not on a daily basis. So, when a vegan friend challenged me to go vegetarian for one week, my competitive nature sprung inside of me and I immediately shook hands.
I have an optimistic viewpoint on this, but my 'meat-a-tarian' husband  is less convinced.
There is a reason that Kyle wears cameo and plaid throughout the fall and winter, that our freezer is full of venison, and we host the an annual "VK Deer Fest." We like meat.

Thus, the vast majority of our meals include some sort of meat (mostly venison, turkey or chicken). Thank goodness for Pinterest, because that site makes vegetarianism look really good! I figure if I can still have fruit, veggies, cheese and noodles, I'm down. Here are three I'll be stirring up the kitchen:

Moroccan Spiced Carrots and Chick Pea Salad w/ Mint & Almonds

Scrumptious South African

Mexican Enchiladas with Mango Salsa


Black Bean Burgers
Better Homes & Garden

I realized that we both consumed a lot of fresh coconut and vegetables while in Belize earlier this year. Over the course of ten days, we ate a lot of fish and very little meat. If it's not available, I won't be tempted.I plan to put all of our meat in our basement freezer, make this bet a bit easier.

(PS. Those are mostly fish that I caught...I like to remind Kyle of my fishing success over the past year. Always fun to rub it in a little :)

I'm *hoping* that I won't really notice not having meat. To make sure I have enough protein, I'm planning to stick with some delicious omelets, cashews, and putting my crock pot to good use with some delicious veggie chili. Maybe the recipes will turn out so well that Kyle won't notice either. Wishful thinking? Probably.
I'm just hoping, for Kyle's sake, that I don't end up loving this challenge and turning on his love of meat forever. Nevermind, I won't fool myself. I need to get through the first day!

If there are any vegetarians out there, I'd welcome your recipes with open arms :)!


  1. Oh my goodness, does this mean Kyle will be going meat free (at least for dinner) for a week too?!

    I'm not technically a vegetarian, since I will eat chicken occasionally when we eat out, but I never cook any sort of meat at home so I have tons of yummy vegetarian recipes! Poor Nick, the only time he gets meat at home is if he makes himself a steak :)

    I'll email you some of our favorite recipes to peruse!

  2. vegetarianism is awesome! :) i have some fun recipes on my pinterest page! you will feel wonderful! :) good luck!

  3. I have gone without meat for a year and didn't watch my iron intake- that can be a problem. But usually I only eat chicken or turkey. :)


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