Have you ever just wanted to take a hammer to a wall? Just me? Okay.
Well, just for the record, it was fun! It's also completely changed the entryway and kitchen in our home!
Before the final walk through, this wasn't on our radar to do. However, when Kyle and our bestie (our agent) went through before closing, they both mentioned how nice it would be to open up that space. The following day, that project started with one swing of a hammer.

The wall originally looked like this:

SMALL! It was only a 26" walkthrough.
This is the view facing the entryway. The front door is to the right, basement stairs to the left, and the garage door is down the hallway.

If you were to walk in the front door, this was the view..
Maizy Included.

Here we go!

Because of the electrical wiring and outlet, it took a little longer than expected.

A little father and son bonding time:

Which maybe ended up being too much bonding time due to some wires cut a little too short, but soon enough, it was finished!

If you are standing with your back to the kitchen sink, this is the view:
Again, Maizy really loves her front door.

The previously 26" walkway is now 50" wide! It brings so much more light and ease to the space!
It also became apparent while moving furniture that the hallways are rather narrow here. This opening ended up being the only way to get a lot of our furniture in!

In the lower right hand corner is the island, we'll cover that soon too! (As well as the oak vs. white trim, the lighting issue, appliances, kitchen updates and the front door. Whew!)

In the mean time, we'll be playing in the snow, sipping hot chocolate, and decorating our home! (anyone else notice the bare walls?! Yikes, they need some love!)

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