There's no doubt that this is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love it, even when things don't go as I would wish...

We now live around the corner from a Christmas tree farm, and I can't tell you how sad I am that we haven't visited it. Our fake tree is on year three, and I'm devastated. All my romantic thoughts of cutting down our first real tree together went up in smoke. You see, the farm is only open on weekends, and I'm not about to go by myself since Kyle's been working. SO, I hesitantly put up our tree and grumbled all the way through it.
Then I purchased a blue spruce scented candle.

Once the lights went on, I was quickly brought back down to earth and out of my tree-slumps. Regardless of real or fake, it still holds some of our favorite possessions that we're given to us by friends and family. I still love looking at the lights each evening and wrapping the presents to put under it. 

Along with the real tree, I had dreams of having a Christmas card with Maizy wearing an elf hat. After I spotted it at the pet store, there was no way I could walk away without hopes of the photograph. 
Sadly, Maizy didn't approve of her new apparel. This was our attempt at a family self-timer portrait.

Now let's zoom in on the pathetic-ness (yes, I did make up that word.)

I hate self-timers.


Kyle's parents came down the next day to help with some house projects, and his mom took this picture with her phone. Oh, hey there, Big Kev.
Does it get any more Awkward than us?! Someone make me feel better and say YES.

We ended up doing random photos from a busy year and called it a day. Sure, not what I had envisioned, but at least I got someone to wear the hat:

This little elf puts it all in perspective.

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