I don't write a lot about residency, but I'm feeling a pull to begin being more open about life in the medical world. Sometimes, it looks and feels like this:

As fun as renovations and moving have been, it's hard work. It's fun and stressful, exciting and exhausting. But, I'm not complaining about the house work, I'm complaining about another person's work (*cough* hubby *cough*).
Sure, maybe you think I'm joking because I often write in sarcastic banter with a lot of smiley faces and "lols."  But to be transparent, residency hasn't sold me on much yet. I think it stinks. Just plan stinks. Last night, I asked Kyle if he would consider using his undergraduate degree and work as bio medical engineer. I reassured him there would be nothing to be ashamed of if he quit residency. He thought I was joking. Welp, I tried. Back to 90 hour work weeks.

The kicker is that he LOVES his job. He is thriving and learning and really doing what he loves. He's  helping people who can't help themselves. How could I be upset at that? It's a weird dynamic of knowing others may need your husband as much as you do. Do I reserve the right to claim him? I would say yes. They may too.

We're finding a balance and learning to truly cherish what time we get together. But, the nights when 9 pm rolls around and he's still stuck in the OR because there were complications, I like to dream about how to make it better for him (okay, and me...and Maizy.)
Sometimes I daydream about walking into the hospital, body checking anyone in a white coat, throwing the schedule out a patients window and then hijacking the computer system and giving Kyle a week off. Would that get him fired? Maybe no one would know that I'm his wife. It could be all "mission impossible" style.

Okay, so maybe my plan may need a few tweaks.

Thankfully, he has this weekend off. HALLELUJAH!!! It's a Christmas Miracle!!!! We're SO excited to sleep in and spend time together. We're shoving all house work to the side and just spending time together. Time that makes us really cherish what we have. I'll also try to causally slip my plan into a conversation, I'm positive it will be shot down immediately and include a few eye rolls. A girl can dream.


  1. I totally get where you're coming from! Charlie has had many 90 hour work weeks, and sometimes you do just want to complain. The good thing is that these men love what they do, so that can sometimes (just sometimes) make it a little bit easier to take. Relish your time together this weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. When I was looking at your renovations earlier this week I had almost forgot that your husband was in medicine! That makes your efforts even more amazing. And nice try getting him to switch early in the game:-) I hope you enjoy your time off and stick to your no house work rule. Downtime doesn't come around every day.


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