For us, Christmas is a time to really stretch our imagination. We have some family members who are a tad difficult to buy for (no names mentioned), and others who make it their life goal to play the guessing game and shake the boxes. (Okay, I do that too). Each year, we sit down together and make our list, then venture to  multiple stores in search of the perfect gifts. It's the one time that Kyle loves shopping, so it has become our little tradition.
Admittedly, we are a little behind this year. Our schedules haven't lined up so our "tradition" will put is in the "last minute shoppers" category.  In order to relieve some of the pressure of finding every gift the day before Christmas, I've resorted to ordering multiple gifts online. (By the way, I love coming home to new boxes at our doorstep!) During such adventures, I've stumbled upon, what I consider, pretty creative gifts.

We have some golfers in our family, and I'm positive everyone'a game would benefit from this guy:

Then I found the perfect gift to always make you smile. It may take up a lot of cabinet space, but goodness isn't it cute? Kind of reminds me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast...except redneck style.

Or, if you really want to do something that will surprise someone. Just buy them the moon.

Now, who in the family would like these? I MUST purchase these pajamas. They don't come in Hannah's size, I have already checked.

Last, but certainly not least:
My step mom always requests mugs. Every year, for the past 10 years. My dad has a tendency to steal them and they end up in the most random of places. We've gotten pretty creative over the years, but I think this takes the cake: The Toilet Mug.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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  1. What fun gifts to buy and receive. And I am with you about loving the brown boxes (or white) waiting for me at my doorstep. It is almost as good as what is inside.


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