Well folks, what can I say. It's been a crazy year!
That's really the only word I can think of when I ponder the past twelve months. We've learned to expect the unexpected, embrace the moment and cherish relationships like never before. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion, decisions, heartbreak, celebration and transition. I won't get all lovey-dovey on you, but I will embarrass Kyle and tell you that I'm SO incredibly thankful for his steadfastness and faith. I wouldn't want this journey with anyone else.

Now, let's recap these months, shall we?

Once we returned from the holiday travels in Michigan, we continued to jump on planes, trains and automobiles as Kyle interviewed throughout the country for residency. 

In January, we unexpectedly took a morning flight to Michigan. One that has forever changed me and our family. We couldn't be more thankful for that last-minute decision, as it allowed us to be present as my uncle, Pastor and mentor passed away.

After returning to Charlottesville, the reality of the impending Match Day day was right around the corner. So what does one do for distraction from reality?! Disney World! We traveled to Florida for a weekend with Kyle's family, awaiting the  coming week!

The following week, Match Day arrived!! All of the hard work over the past four years came to this day, and we learned we were headed to Michigan for Kyle's residency!

(PS. We miss you neighbors!!!)

Following the big news, we attempted to wrap our heads around leaving Charlottesville and moving back to Michigan. We were thrilled, but definitely feeling the sadness from leaving our first home as a married couple, and the amazing community we had. In April, we headed back to Michigan to begin house hunting, celebrate our two year anniversary and Kyle's best friend's wedding.

After a whirlwind of a trip to the north, we needed some R&R! In May, we packed our bags, and headed to Belize for 10 wonderful days! (It was so great it deserved two posts: Part 1 & Part 2)

We made it a point to squeeze in a trip before residency chaos ensured, but it didn't take residency starting for the stress to build. As soon as we landed on American soil, it was a time crunch to graduation. We wanted to squeeze every last ounce of time out with our friends, ohh...but we also had our entire home to pack!

Thankfully, our close friends spent an entire day helping us. I didn't write or post about this week, simply because I wanted to cherish that time rather than write about it (then I forgot!).

Honestly, I still get high blood pressure and break out in sweats thinking about the weekend of graduation. It was utterly exhausting, but mostly due to knowing that we were leaving. Family was in town, we hosted a goodbye party in the our empty house, and the moving truck was too obvious to avoid the reality. There were a lot of celebrations and tears!

Oh yeah, and Kyle became a Doctor!!

In early June, we headed to Michigan for good and said goodbye to Cleveland Ave'.

Realizing that our lives were going to change pretty quickly, I wanted a platform to write about it that wasn't connected to my business. So, I started this blog after our move!

Leaving the photo blog for photo updates only:

But that's business stuff that we can discuss later, since that has a whole story behind it too! Somehow 2012 just kept surprising us!
Over the summer, Kyle began residency, I began to establish my business in Michigan and house hunting became a much bigger challenge than we ever anticipated. Sometimes, the transition felt too
much to handle, and I shared about what the Lord was teaching me through all of it here and here.

The nice weather gave us good reason to enjoy northern Michigan, so we ventured on a wine trip, spent a weekend at the cabin, and just before the weather began to turn, we snuck in a fishing trip!

Summer flew by and lingering questions still remained (house, job, etc). But, before we knew it, football season was upon us. It felt good to be back in town and close to the Big House! 

Fall brought on weddings,  lots of photo shoots, football! and plenty of beautiful weather.

After what seemed like an eternity, things started to fall into place! In late Fall, I started working outside of the home (talked about here) and three days later we were under contract to buy a house! While we awaited the closing date, we were busy deciding on renovations, packing our apartment, and fitting in photo shoots throughout the week. Everything seemed to come at once, making Fall an insanely busy but exciting time. (That seems to be the theme of 2012!)  
I also snuck in a trip to Indy for a weekend for some sister time!

In early November, we closed on our home in Ann Arbor! We couldn't have been more thrilled, it was a journey that taught us so much about patience, needs, desires and humility.

For the past month, it's been holidays and renovations! 
It sounds so typical to say, but I can't think of another way to describe this past year rather than simply stating that the Lord is faithful. We've seen it time, and time, and time again. It may sound simple, but the implications are nothing short of incredible.
We are entering 2013 with big dreams, whole hearts and a renewed since of appreciation; for one another, our families, our friends, our lives.

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  1. OK, the black and white picture of you and your recent grad nearly brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful year. I hope 2013 is even better:-)


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