You know those times when life gets so busy that you feel that you can do nothing well? You just slide by, hoping no one notices that you have bags under your eyes and you've worn a headband for three days straight, just so you don't have to put in the effort of actually trying to do your hair. All I can say is that I am SO thankful for mascara and cute anthropology headbands. I love you both, dearly.

Although I LOVE unpacking our belongings that we haven't seen in eight months (it's like an early Christmas!) The holidays coupled with renovations, moving (with NO internet!), and work will quickly force you to become a hermit. And a hermit I've become. (At least this hermit is on a beach and not in 30 degree weather)

I would like to blame my lack of coolness on this very thing. For example...

I saw on the local news that the gangnam video is the most popular video ever viewed on YouTube. I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT, until this morning. (and hadn't heard of it until a few weeks ago!) Have I missed something? It's just a guy pretending to ride a horse. Didn't they come up with that dance when "Save a horse ride a cowboy" became popular. I'm confused.

I also just downloaded pandora on my iphone and was totally blown away by how great it is. I had the "I feel like an 90 year old woman" experience when I told my friend how great Pandora is. 0ohhh you already know? It's been around for how long?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!
I need these people:

And then, Honey Boo I seriously the only one who has never watched this?!
I have since only seen random videos, not the actually television show. This poor child.

OH! and to top it off: my brother introduced us to Duck Dynasty. Just may be my new favorite show. My stomach has hurt every evening from laughing so hard. I seriously love this family.
I have many episodes to catch up on, but it may be difficult to be the vineyard episode. goodness gracious.

Happy Friday Friends! Enjoy your weekend (hopefully it involves Christmas decorating!)

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  1. Don't feel too bad, I have never seen Honey Boo Boo and have never heard of Duck Dynasty. The only reason I know about Gangam is a friend said the singer looked like a husband of so and so, so I had to look. But Pandora!!! Where have you been? It is amazing. I just found iHeartradio too and that's pretty fabulous and almost identical and seems to work better on my phone.


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