On Monday, I shared that we have been working on some renovations in the new home. Well, "we" includes both of our families! I'd thought I'd take a quick second to introduce them. Let's be honest, without them we'd still be working on tearing up the floors and I'd probably be in tears with the reality that it would never be done. Two people can only do so much, and Maizy is little help.

Allow me to introduce you to the best helpers in the whole wide world. I feel like we are on a TV show and I am introducing you to our characters, and trust me, characters is a perfect description.
We have our own version of Scott & Drew (HGTV anyone?!).

This is my dad, "Papa Mike"
He's extremely handy all around and knows everything about anything when it comes to houses. (You'll quickly see a theme here...)

This is my brother, Matt "BroBro"
He's an expert painter and perfectionist. More of an artist, if you will. He and Emily bought a gorgeous home and have been renovating the entire thing...thanks for taking a break to help with ours :)

This is Kyle's dad, "Big Kev"
Kyle attributes it to his Dutch heritage ("dutch are cheap"), but Big Kev LOVES doing/attempting house projects (must be where Kyle gets it from)!

Meet Linda, Kyle's mom. 
She's an interior designer by day, and well..by night most of the time too. (They are also obsessed with their granddoggy)

Can you see the resemblance? This is my mom, Julie "Grandma Juju"
Her passion, next to spoiling Hannah, is landscaping & gardening. 

This is my step-dad, Pat "Mr.P"
Add him to the list of do-it-yourselfers! We had to force him to take a break from removing base boards, he was just that excited.

Ya'll know me, so I need no introduction. I'm just doing whatever they tell me to and hoping it involves power tools.

Of course this is Kyle, my hot partner in crime. He's handyman #4 on this list...

 "Oh! Don't forget me!" Hannah will be with us too :) During breaks, we have dance parties with her.

And Hannah's momma, Emily, "sis" 
She'll be keeping me sane and making me laugh all week

Our other two sisters, Kelly & Jessica will be in & out of town too! 
Jessica "Wessica" will be encouraging us with food...

 And Kelly "Wiener" will be joining us from Indy!

Oh! and last but not least...Maizy wants to be part of all of the action. She's found a closet that she loves to sit in and watch while all of the chaos ensues. She'll bark when she is in agreement, and then roll around in sawdust to show her excitement. The poor thing is a bit confused, but she is loving her big yard in the mean time.

I know it sounds clique to say "we are so thankful," but we REALLY, REALLY are!
We could not be completing all of these projects without all of our family & friends! Not only do they actually know how to do everything, they are taking the time from their busy lives to totally bless us.

Okay, I'm off to paint the cabinets!

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