It's safe to say that last week was, well, long. I'm typically a morning person, jumping out of the bed ready to start each day. Yeah, not Saturday. When Saturday morning came around, I wasn't looking forward to watching a football game (whoever thought i'd say that?!) We were completely EXHAUSTED (and the to-do list for our house was five pages long.) 

But, Kyle and I decided a long time ago that relationships should always trump to-do lists. So, I took off my cranky pants, got a peppermint mocha, pushed the house reno aside, and got excited to spend a morning with our friends. The game before Thanksgiving week has been our long-standing reunion game, and I couldn't be the only party-pooper. We tailgated all morning, enjoyed brats at 10 am, reclaimed our victory in cornhole, and watched Michigan beat Iowa. Not to mention, I got to enjoy a football game with my hubby! Heart = happy.

After the game, we had a lot of visitors over to the house, gave some tours and got back to work! A second peppermint mocha gave me enough juice to last through the evening and some chinese forced us to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the views of a finished floor. Then we rolled around on it and kissed it, because it's so darn pretty.

Sunday painted a similar picture of living in dust and paint covered clothing. Having paint somewhere in my hair or on my face is perfectly normal these days. Thankfully, I had a little reprieve with a photoshoot, then returned to prepare the kitchen for our countertops. They were installed this morning, and we approve :)

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