Well if that was not a run on sentence, I'm not sure what is.

First of all, the cold is coming.
The past few weeks have been jam packed with evenings of photo sessions, squeezing out every last drop of the nice weather, gorgeous light and the COLORS! Ahhhh, those colors! The best part about Fall & photographing families is that we are given the perfect backdrop.

It's difficult to beat this season. Each location renders various shades of yellows, oranges, reds and greens. God makes my job easy in Autumn :)

Sadly, the brown is starting to come through and I've been living in denial about this for a week. The past few days have definitely proved that winter is well on it's way. As long as it snows so I have another perfect backdrop of a winter wonderland, I'm okay with it running its course.

I wouldn't complain if I had something like this:

In the mean time, I'm bundling up with long socks, boots and winter coats. To be honest, I forgot how cold it gets in Michigan. When I walk Maizy in the morning, I look like an Eskimo. There may be a need to fly south for the winter months.

2) I finally received my absentee ballot, just in the knick of time! I've been checking the mail religiously for it's arrival. My Dad made the comment a few weeks ago that stuck with me, he said, "We have to believe that each candidate has good intentions. It's just if you agree with the ideas on how to implement them or not." It's sad that that is such a foreign concept to our culture, that a politician could actually have feelings AND good intentions, GASP.  Either way, I'm happy to have completed my civic duty!

I'll be sporting my sticker all afternoon, thank.you.

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