My niece is one. I can't believe it.
I happen to think that being an aunt is one of the best "jobs" in the world.
Of course, I have no idea what it is to be a mother, and the ones who are reading this that are moms are most likely thinking, "you just wait...". Totally get it, I think that too. However, being an Aunt does have a lot of perks, so let's chat about that a bit. 

Precious life...
The weekend after Hannah Rose was born, I flew up to Michigan to meet the newest member of our family, and I'll never forget holding her for the first time. There is something about a child that puts life in perspective. It forces you to rethink priorities, the importance of family and reminds you that each life is such a precious gift. Her little hands curled up so tightly in that blanket, I just couldn't hold her long enough to soak in the reality of her life; that she was a part of us.

Watching Parenthood...
For me, one of the best parts is seeing my brother and Emily completely enamored with their daughter. That has only grown with time. Watching them parent serves Kyle & I in ways that are unimaginable. Whether they realize it, they are continually showing us the joy, selflessness and humbleness of parenthood. It's a reminder of the blessings that pour out of submitting your lives to Christ.

"Getting it..."
Hannah has helped me appreciate parenthood so much more. I see so many of our friends with their young children, and I'm starting to "get it." It may sound silly, but since we do not have children, I have no way of knowing what parents go through on a daily basis or how much your life changes once the babies come along (the struggles and joys). Being an aunt has given me a bit more access to "life on the other side."

Taking a second to stop and smell the roses...
12 months went so quickly. Seeing her newborn pictures and then taking her first year photographs made me want to stop time. So much has happened this year that reminds me of how precious life is, how quickly it goes by and how easy it is to get lost in the to-do's rather than enjoy the moments.

Just a few days old:

and now!

Looking in the mirror...
Watching Hannah test the waters of what she can have or how she responds in certain situations makes me think about how I respond to less than desirable outcomes. Children tend to humble you very quickly. Sometimes I think, 'well goodness, I wouldn't be happy about not getting that either!" Except I'm 27, and I have a choice to not be selfish, greedy or have an attitude. Thanks for the reminders sweet girl ;)

Kyle and I have always been excited about having children one day (God willing.) But, being an Aunt and Uncle has definitely given each of us a whole new level of excitement. (calm down, no announcement is coming at the end of this post.)

I'll admit...
One thing that hasn't changed from the arrival of my niece: I still cannot handle the smell of baby poo. People say it's different when it is your own. We'll see how that unfolds.
I think this is Hannah teasing me regarding my immediate reflux from poo. (I've been known to throw up from the smell while babysitting)

I'll let her get away with it, for now.

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  1. Being an aunt is a very cool job. It's like being the mom but only when you want to be:-) Thanks for linking up with us at Medical Monday's. Your photography is breathtaking, and makes me miss the midwest falls, and makes me wish I would have splurged for some nice pictures when my babies were born.


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