Sometimes, you learn best by doing. Case in point.

How to prepare for a 7-day house renovation:

Mentally prepare to feel dirty for an entire week
Find the shortest route to Lowe's from your house,then budget at least $2,500 for miscellaneous expenses
Prepare food beforehand and freeze it
Know where the closest Starbucks is located and visit often

Stock the refrigerator with favorite beers
Remember to bring your cell phone charger everywhere
Gather plenty of take-out menus
Have an endless supply of throat drops, Advil and band-aids
Verify that you can actually get in the house with your key
Collect as many tools as possible
Do not renovate during hunting season 
(or shoot TWO deer on opening day!)
Learn how to operate a table saw
Always have a plethora of cleaning supplies readily available
Headbands = lifesaver
Triple-check every garage door opener
Plan on ruining multiple clothing items
Assume you will lose things, including your mind once or twice.
Have your favorite comfort food at your disposal

Carry your checkbook at all times
Realize your hands will be too swollen to wear rings 
Your new favorite accessory will be band-aids
Remember not to look directly at the halogen light
Restrain yourself from watching HGTV Property Brothers. They may make you feel bad about yourself, since there is no possible way I've been this put together in the past two weeks.

Learn the names of the workers at Sherwin- Williams, the Lowe's hardware department and the closest coffeeshop. You'll see them more often than not.
Sleep may be essential but not will not be likely 
Wear gloves
Do not expect to be able to take pictures of
every part of the process
You will need to force yourself to take a break
Realize that some most projects will take longer than 7 days
Fight every temptation to let your OCD take over
Expect the unexpected
There is power in numbers, and high productivity!
Patience is required... and tested often
Pray frequently, hold on tight, and grab more chocolate.

On another note, I cannot thank you enough for the messages, emails and notes about the post from last week. You've really encouraged me and reminded me that this is just a season, and the Lord has his hand upon it. SO, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!


  1. Finding the closest Starbucks is my goal everywhere I go, hope your hands are doing better!

    1. I especially love Starbucks during this time of year..the peppermint mocha gets me every time! My hands are full of bandaids, but, thankfully I wear gloves a lot in this weather ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely posting soon...just need to get some of the boxes out of the way first ;)

  3. I would have told Kyle to take the deer to a butcher than do it while renovating. That is nuts!!

    1. Oh I did, about 100 times. I heard every excuse in the book, but it mostly boiled down to pride ;)


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