I'll be the first to admit, I am a bit of a Halloween scrooge. Dressing up was incredibly fun when I was younger (my favorite costumes were raggedy ann and a monkey), but throughout college I began to develop a bit of a distaste for it. I know, I'm such a party-pooper.

There are two things I do like about the day though!
1) It means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner...the best time of year!!
2 ) I love how halloween tends to encourage a child's imagination! Last week, my little cousin told me that I would make 'an excellent crayon,' and his brother nodded his head in adamant agreement. Another little cousin told me I needed to be a princess, 'probably one with big hair.' Better yet, seeing them dress up just about makes your heart melt (I've used that term a lot lately, but what can I say, I get to be around a lot of adorable children)

I'm sorry to report that I didn't end up being either a crayon or a princess. Mostly due to the fact that Kyle and I had 2.5 seconds to get ready for a party, in which we were "required" to dress up. My idea to dress up as Audrey Hepburn went down the drain when I couldn't find my pearl necklaces. I'll keep that idea in my back pocket for next year's party. (See, I'm reallyyyy trying to like Halloween again:)
So, we ran around our place trying to find something relatively creative.

Creative may be a stretch here, but that's okay. They told me I couldn't dress up in Kyle's scrubs and be a doctor, so I was left with little options.
Except for Kyle's fishing gear:

With more time, I'm positive I could have turned his fishing waders into something like an umpa-lumpa! (I'll keep that idea for next year too)

Now, I'm not sure if Kyle's outfit could be considered a "costume," per say. The fact that he already had a "Sooper Yooper" hat, a warm flannel button up, and ripped up jeans to represent a "Yooper" (for you non-michiganders, that is someone from the upper peninsula) probably means that he can sometimes closely resembles one. This part of the year tends to draw out any hick in that boy, I tell you what.

The best news: Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! Why, yes, I am extremely excited.

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