The past three days have been full of excitement, family and power tools. Lots of power tools.

I spilled the beans few weeks ago that we were under contract, so this past Friday we sealed the deal! It felt good to have the keys in our hands!

The real estate firm never put a "sold" sign on the house, so we didn't get the stereotypical owners-in-front-of-sold-sign for our photo album. We did, however, get one of Kyle carrying me into our new home. Even better.

Saturday morning came around and we were at our new home bright and early, ready to get started on our list of projects that will overtake our lives for the next two weeks (well, we quickly discovered that maybe two weeks was an ambitious goal).

(We had an excited group, so it was difficult to take "before" pictures, but here is a sneak peak of the exterior)

(Landscaping and exterior paint is on our "Spring" to-do list)

Our renovations list includes redoing 100% of the flooring, painting the entire home, refinishing the cabinets, new counter tops, putting in an island, and resurfacing our fireplace. We also knocked out a wall. The wall part wasn't on the original list, but I will say it's been the most fun! (I'll share more of the whys and hows later on, but for now...)

Removing carpet has proven to be the most tedious job, just picture thousands of nails needing to be removed from the subfloor. Our backs and knees were not happy about this. As of last night, I'm happy to report that  the job has been completed!

After carpet, came linoleum removal.

some base boards...

and some backsplash:

Lesson 1.
Demolition is never what you'd expect it to be. It's always more work.

Lesson 2.
Patience Required.

Lesson 3.
Knee pads should be a basic in a tool kit.

Lesson 4.
Radio essential.

Lesson 5.
Gold was really "in" in the early '90s. See: every light fixture.

Lesson 6.
Sitting around a card table on fold up chairs, in an empty room with only tools and trash bags to fill the space, wearing clothes covered in dust, laughing with friends & family and enjoying our take-out meal = heart filled with all those butterflies that make you step back and appreciate everything in life.

Looking forward to sharing the ride with you as we renovate part of new home!


  1. My heart melts over your carried-over-the-threshold picture. Can't wait to hear more about the destroyed wall :)

  2. How exciting. I would love to renovate something, my husband has no interest. We will see who wins. Can't wait to see how it comes along. Congratulations!!!!


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