When I was little, I was completely enamored with Christmas lights. We'd drive down a neighborhood, and families would have their entire house decorated with colorful lights, reindeer, plastic candy canes and of course, the large blow up Santa. Well, now I would call that tacky and expensive. (Even though it's fun to see it all!) Crazy what adulthood does to you!

Do you recognize this? It's the Griswolds home, a Christmas classic if you ask me. I heard somewhere that they redecorate it like the movie each year, so I've made it a life goal to hunt it down and get my picture next to it.

I met one of our new neighbors yesterday and he asked if their Christmas lights bothered us. It's only two trees, so obviously it's not stopping traffic. However, he did mention that one neighbor happens to go all Griswold with the lights each year. I'm secretly hoping it looks a little something like this:

Just for lack of time, we aren't planning on putting up lights outside (I've rather our time be spent putting in the rest of our base boards!). However, I did come across this idea:

Now this would only take a few minutes.
Hi Ya'll, we're your new neighbors!

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