Kyle and I were up early on Sunday morning, headed over to the house to continue to work. On our way, we looked at each other with an expression that reflected what we felt; bummed.
Sundays have always been our day. We used to sleep in, attend church, then have brunch with friends. We'd then go home, put on comfy clothes and chill. Feet up, snuggled into one another. Our evenings were spent eating Chinese over the living room coffee table, watching random television shows and playing with Maizy.

Since Kyle began residency, our Sundays have been stolen from us (well, it seems any time has been, really.) I'm getting over our Sunday-Funday being on rare occasion, but the kicker is when I have to attend church alone, or don't go at all due to travel and work schedules.

Lately, I've noticed a churning, deep desire to be in Charlottesville every Sunday, just to stand in our old church and feel at home again. Where we walked in and we'd see friends who felt like family, always meet someone new, enjoy incredible worship and walk out feeling challenged, loved, and encouraged. A place where we could serve and be served.
Because of the craziness of the residency schedule, it's been difficult to find a place together. I miss standing in communion with other believers, holding hands with my husband.

Maybe it was because we were exhausted, or maybe it was the lack of time we've actually gotten to spend together, maybe it was the mere fact that it was a Sunday, or the fact that my Uncle Randy's birthday was around the corner (today) and his death still feels like an open wound in our hearts; but everything seemed to rise up to boiling point. We sat at the stop sign, holding hands, nodding in agreement: We miss having a church home.

This post is more of a prayer request for us. Specifically, that Kyle would have favor in having Sunday's off where we can attend a church together (If you know anything about residency, that would be a miracle!!). Also (even though this may sound silly!), that I'd feel confident attending church alone. Third, that we'd find a place where we could really get 'plugged in,'  and serve to the best of our ability.

A big thank you in advance for praying for us! We're SO ready to have A2 feel more like home, and we know this is a huge piece of that puzzle.


  1. I'm praying for you! Let me know if you ever want to come with me... I go basically every Sunday, & I usually go alone too since B is usually working... We can get crepes & coffee afterwards too :)

  2. Easily done... the prayer part that is. I have attended church plenty of times alone. It hasn't been ideal, but it has been better than staying home:-) Somehow we did luck out, and even as a resident he was able to attend church with us most of the time. Some months were better than others, but over all he was there more than he wasn't. I hope it works out that way for you too.


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