I have no idea where that title came from.
Since this post clearly falls under Friday Ramblings (it's Friday!), I believe that means that I can do just that....so here I go.

Let's get the most important out there first:

Did anyone else get chills last night when we beat the Yankees?! It was so exciting!! Made me want to cry just watching the excitement in the stadium. I was on my way home from a photo shoot and spent my time in the car making up a song about the win. I don't want to give it away just yet, as I'm positive it will be a huge hit.

Now onto something that isn't such a huge hit: Silk blouses.
I love them, but I learned the hard way that I am only allowed to wear them when I plan on not drinking or eating. Or brushing my teeth. Each activity left evidence on my blouse and I ended up at the dry cleaners by the end of the day.

Diet A & W. I can't get enough. I've stopped buying it at the store so that I am only limited to it when it is available...and now it happens to be free to work. 

I'm thinking about putting Maizy in a doggy day care once or twice a week. Is that not completely ridiculous? That girl is so high maintenance. 
(but seriously, for anyone who has done doggy day cares, would you recommend it?!)

Hannah, sweet baby Hannah, turns one next week. ONE. I'm not coping well.
But, it does mean we have a big birthday party and one year photo session coming up! Can't wait to see those little fingers dig into her first birthday cake!

This weekend is a big one for us! Michigan  VSMichigan State football game!! Kyle and I both come from split houses when it comes to the UM vs. MSU debate, so this weekend always provides great opportunities for trash talking and making ridiculous bets. 

Have a wonderful weekend...and GO BLUE!

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