Happy Monday Friends!

I feel like a few posts lately have been debbie downers. Not purposely, I promise I don't sit in PJ's all day, everyday, eating ice cream and watching chick flicks. That only happens every night.
Just kidding.

Let's talk about something encouraging :)  (I have a few of these posts coming, by the way!)

I had mentioned a few times that a job was on the horizon as something I was looking for. Let's dig into that for a minute, so that you aren't totally confused. I've done photography for almost two years now, and I love it. But, there was one big downfall to only doing that in a brand new city. It was lonesome.

After about a month of working from home and only doing photography, it became evident that I couldn't do that long term. Not because I didn't love what I was doing, it was because I couldn't be at home, by myself, everyday. I needed more structure and social interaction than blogs and emails and meeting new people only a few times a week.

I love Maizy to death, but I think it's best that we separate once in a while ;)
So, we started to pray for something flexible that was part-time. Essentially, the best of all worlds: flexibility, plenty of time to still grow my photography business here in Michigan, a consistent schedule and social time! Applying to jobs when you technically already have one is a strange thing, and becomes a bit more complicated when you interview!
However, I am happy to report it has worked out brilliantly.

I'm so, so thankful! I'm on my third week of working part time outside of the house and although it's been an adjustment, I'm really enjoying it! I'm able to do what I love in both careers, work in an environment where I thrive, I have to get out of PJ's everyday and I still have time for life. Looking back, it's an opportunity that I'm happy to have waited for. Eeee! I get so excited thinking about what a blessing it is for us. {insert big smile & clapping hands...and maybe a few giddy jumps}

OH! And speaking of photography, the blog will soon be overwhelmed with adorable families taking advantage of the fall foliage! Stay Tuned.

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