What do tape measures, estimates, floor selections, paint samples, moving boxes, a ridiculous amount of paper work, a houzz.com addiction, countertop selections, furniture shopping and one very excited family have in common?!?!

You guessed it!


It almost seemed like this would never happen, right?
I've been keeping a secret from you for quite a few weeks. We wanted to make sure we got through inspection, negotiations, appraisal, and the stacks of paperwork prior to spilling the beans that we will officially have a house to call our own in November!
We're thrilled!

When I got the call from our agent that our offer was accepted, I almost dropped the phone. It was the fifth offer we had put on houses in Ann Arbor, so our hopes were not high. 
SO, you can imagine my excitement to run home, shake Kyle awake (he was on nights!), and tell him the news!  He fell back asleep after responding with a huge smile and sigh of relief, then woke up asking if it was a dream.
I then texted my mom telling her that we'd be hosting Thanksgiving this year. (Although that's looking a little ambitious at this point). Maybe Christmas.

And to keep you at bay, you are only seeing the front yard below. (Just joking, I just don't have other pictures to share right now.)

We have a lot of projects we can't wait to start (beginning the day of closing!) No worries, I'll be sharing the progress. Our family has graciously volunteered skills and time to help us, so we also have weeks of family bonding to look forward to! I'm pretty sure Hannah will be an expert painter by the time we are finished. 

So there you have it folks, a huge prayer answered! We're so excited to have a place to call home, and Maizy is running in circles with excitement that she now has two acres to gallivant around on. 
We are also in the market for a riding mower ;)
THANK YOU for sticking with me (us) through this process, allowing me to vent, document and share the experiences that brought us here. We're incredibly thankful. (eee! and excited!!)

For a look back on parts of this "little" adventure:

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