Also known as, Dexter Cider Mill. (or little will power)
I couldn't wait to visit the cider mill close to Ann Arbor, since one of my favorite things to do in Charlottesville was visit Carter's Mountain. Of course, this one was not surrounded by mountains, an expansive apple orchard or locally brewed wine, but it did provide incredible donuts. Okay okay, it is on the Huron River, which can't compete with the mountains but is beautiful nonetheless.

Although we spent the majority of our time swapping away bees who attempted to drink all of my cider, little could have ruined the perfect Sunday afternoon. I also have a small obsession with Dexter Village, so I like to hop on over there whenever "necessary." (Even if it is only for the "healthy bites" at the corner coffee shop.)


On our out, Talin and I were curious about this little stand, so we stopped to say hello. It resulted in a life long friendship, multiple taste tests of cobblers, chili, and jalapeno sausage. If you are around this area, I highly encourage you to visit on a Saturday or Sunday. Small establishments like this make everything feel like home; warm + cozy.
It's on the corner of Central and 5th street, around the bend from the Farmer's Market.

They set up shop at the mill. It seemed like everyone in town made a stop here to pick up their Sunday evening dinner.

But who wouldn't, when the bourdon peach cobbler looks like scrumptious?!

It melted in my mouth.

They were the NICEST people, I can't wait to take Kyle when he has a Saturday off work.
And just for good measure...
Talin- poop on LA, you look good in a small midwestern town :)

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