Two and a half years ago, I gained two more sisters. My brother married an incredible girl who I  absolutely adore, and when I married Kyle, I gained another incredible sister. I think I got pretty darn lucky, because I LOVE my new sisters, so much so that I feel like they really are my "real sisters."

And I'm not just saying that because they read this blog ;)

Last weekend, I drove down to Indianapolis to see Kyle's sister (and mine:), Kelly. The last time I ventured there was when Kyle and I surprised his family with Maizy in tow, when Kel was just moving to the city. It was due time to revisit.

We planned a girls weekend, full of food, chick flicks, shopping, a long run and the ZOO! We have a tradition of running together every time we see each other. The only problem is that Kelly is considerably faster than me, so I make her talk the whole time to slow her down and distract me ;)
Thankfully, I also had a new city to explore. After an 11 mile run (we were suppose to go 13 but I petered out), we made our way out of town to a pumpkin patch festival.

We are both such suckers for all of the chutneys and jams sold at these stores. I  also discovered homemade diet root beer. I've had this thing for diet root beer over the last few months, so every time I see a new brand I get giddy and MUST try it.

We dabbled in some wine tastings and went home with three new ones.

Unfortunately, we didn't get very far with drinking the red with our shrimp primavera.

Ha! After almost an hour, we finally got the screw out. The cork is another story. We are still determined. It will be another weekend project.
After getting a fairly decent arm workout from our wine bottle issue, we spent the evening watching yet another chick flick. It was wonderful!

Sunday morning we walked to the Zoo and took the canal for scenic route. Indy dies their canal each month to represent that month's cause. It's still up in the air what the red represents? Diabetes?

We spent the morning making faces at animals and figuring out how to become sister dolphin trainers.

The best part; we fed the giraffe. We had to drag one another away, because we would have ended up paying a ridiculous amount of money to continue to feed the girl one carrot at a time, at $2.50 a stick!

Oh! I also added to my winter wardrobe.

Helloooo Wally. You're incredibly fat.

Sadly, we only got one picture. Well,  I should say that only one turned out when a stranger borrowed my camera. The rest of them are a big blur.

Until next time...

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