I vow not to overload this blog with football posts each weekend.
However, yesterday was the first home game of the season and I'm sure that deserves a little love and recognition.
Although our defense needs some work, we pulled off a win vs. Air Force. I must admit, it was strange cheering against a team that helps protect our country. It somehow felt unpatriotic. The fact that each of their jersey's names were either "SERVICE" or "FREEDOM" made it that much harder to cheer when Mr.Freedom was squashed in the backfield. Maybe I'm over thinking this.

We spent a good 9 hours on our feet, tailgating, watching the game from the 3rd row, and tailgating some more. I have a serious obsession with all things Fall, and the smile glued to my face and the random leaps of excitement clearly showed my love for the crisp air season on the horizon.

PS. I'll give you ten bucks if you can figure out who is in the plaid shirt in the lower right hand corner.
PSS. Alright, I won't give you ten bucks, but I will give you a virtual high five and {maybe} take you to his restaurant.


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