This past week was one of Kyle's vacation weeks, so naturally, I found myself fishing more than necessary. If you know anything at all about my husband, it's that he is obsessed with fishing (and hunting.) There's a reason he had trouble deciding careers between a professional fishing guide and a doctor, no joke.
We made a four hour drive up to the Manistee River to do some river fishing for the salmon. I adequately can't explain Kyle's excitement about this trip. I am not that crazy about sitting in a boat all day holding a pole, but I will admit it ended up being much more adventurous than I thought it would be. I only broke out the magazines once. No cameras were allowed, so I had to rely on my trusty iphone to capture the entire day.

The Crew (aka, My Dad, myself, Huby and Andy)

We started the morning at 4:30 am, so by the time we hit the water, we got to enjoy the sun rising.

After hearing Kyle's stories about ALL those salmon in the river (he had already fished this river earlier in the week!), I set a goal for us: We had to catch as many fish as the hours we spent in the car. Well, we didn't catch 8 fish, but we hooked 7, caught 2. I deemed that a successful trip.

And guess who caught the first one?!!

and Oh yes, I did say HOLY MOLY & OH BABY!
Yes, I almost fell out of the boat. TWICE.
YES, I CAUGHT A SALMON! 11lbs of fishy goodness, that is now sitting in our freezer. 

Then, Andy caught one too! (and made it look way too easy)

(I love that my dad and I are both laughing at Kyle's instructions: YESYESYESYES REELREELREEL) 

Okay, so Andy's was a LITTLE bigger. But guess whose fish is going to be tastier? I have to get credit for something around here. 

Oh!  I mentioned that Kyle had been to this river earlier in the week: Check out their catches!!

Needless to say, half of our freezer is full of fresh salmon. Who wants to come over to dinner?!

Also! Did you see this?! Sign up for a time slot today! 

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