**Our internet has been down...so now that it is back up, I'll continue with this post. PS. I wrote this at 9:00 am, so my energy is back to normal ;)**

I just returned from a 9.5 mile run, full of energy and ready to start the day! I even get to spend a few hours with Kyle before I head out of town to shoot a wedding, and he heads back to the night shift.
Last night, we attempted to stay up as long as possible to make it easier for Kyle to transition back to nights, so that naturally led us to play scrabble. Yah know, the most exciting game EVER, one that is bound to have you on your feet, full of energy. Okay, so we could have picked a better game but neither one of us felt like moving boxes to find the Wii.
I was sorting through photos on my phone to pass the time between turns, and realized this little gadget holds so much of the everyday, in-between stuff that makes life, well, life. I find that sometimes it's fun to share about such things, the seemingly simple puzzle pieces that hold together our days and memories.

Last Saturday, Kyle and I got to go to the Michigan Game together! Front row seats in the student section - nothing like reliving the glory days.

I think six years ago I would have greatly appreciated being right next to the band, but these old ears were ringing all night after the game. 

I have this problem of going to the store and immediately tailing it to the kids section. I'm such a sucker for the ADORABLE baby clothes. I won't even get into the Halloween costume options this year, thankfully I had a trusty friend convince me that Hannah didn't need five of them. I also picked up a hot pink tutu for her, I mean, come on, how is anyone suppose to resist that? Hannah was very excited about it too:

I cut it WAY to close this week, and also learned to use 'neutral' while driving. We were out seeing houses and our agent had to follow us to the gas station to make sure we didn't completely run out of gas. While the tank filled up, our agent and I sat in our car and looked through pictures of our fishing trip. We're serious BFFs. 

No, we didn't escape to some exotic island for the weekend...but I could probably convince you of that by the gorgeous sunset we had the other night. We went out to celebrate my in-laws 30th wedding anniversary (!!) and got to enjoy a beautiful view while we chomped down on shrimp, chips, salsa and beer. Good combo, eh?

And just to wrap this little random thing up, guess who was completely losing to her husband, only to catch up and TIE him in scrabble? Okay, most people wouldn't be too excited about this. I, however, am thrilled. I've been reminding Kyle of it all day.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Full of college football, hot cider and donuts :)

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